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  1. 213-02 Emergency Incidents
    Upon arriving at the scene of an emergency incident the PATROL SUPERVISOR/PLATOON COMMANDER will review action taken and determine if additional personnel/equipment is needed and activate a Level 1 mobilization, when appropriate HOW?
    through Radio dispatcher, OR Operations Unit by telephone
  2. 213-02 Emergency Incidents
    The Incident Commander / Agency Incident Commander may only be superseded by?
    • -Police Commissioner
    • -First Deputy Commissioner
    • -Chief of Department or senior ranking operational Bureau Chief.
    • Other deputy commissioners may render advice and assistance to the Incident Commander / Agency Incident Commander but may not assume command of the incident.
  3. 213-02 Emergency Incidents.
    COMMANDING OFFICER/DUTY CAPTAIN will Assume command and review action taken AND activate a Level ________mobilization, as necessary?
    LEVEL 2, 3 or 4
  4. 213-03 Rapid Mobilization.
    PLATOON COMMANDER- upon arrival of the commanding officer/duty captain, will assume the duties of the __________ in the field command post
    Operations Officer
  5. 213-03 Rapid Mobilization.
    Respond to scene, contact the command post, while enroute, and get an estimation of the situation from the patrol supervisor/platoon commander at scene. Communicate the number of personnel and the level of mobilization required to?
    • -patrol borough
    • -Communications Section OR
    • -the Operations Unit.
  6. 213-05 Duties At An Unusual Disorder
    The PCT. CO/ XO DUTY INSP./DUTY CAPT./OR UMOS OF HIGHER RANK will among other things organize the command post staff, if not already established, from available personnel. The (a)Intelligence Officer - will perform as Intelligence advisor. But what will the following perform as?
    (b) Operations Officer?
    (c) Personnel and Administrative Officer?
    (d) Logistics Officer?
    • (b) - Tactical advisor
    • (c)- Staffing advisor
    • (d) - Equipment advisor.
  7. 213-05 Duties At An Unusual Disorder
    Who can be used to dispel rumors and disseminate accurate information?
    Community affairs/community policing personnel with community leaders
  8. 213-05 Duties At An Unusual Disorder
    According to this procedure, what are the ring schedules for command post for enforcement units?
    -And all other concerned units?
    • -every thirty (30) minutes
    • - hourly for all other
  9. 213-05 Duties At An Unusual Disorder.
    Lieutenants at the scene of an unusual Disorder will instruct subordinate members to maintain_________ distance between themselves and the adjoining member?
    one (1) arm’s length
  10. 213-06 Large Scale Arrest Processing Procedure.
    The purpose of this procedure is to establish a coordinated arrest processing procedure for situations in which the number of arrests effected is, or is anticipated to be?
    in excess of twenty (20) persons
  11. 213-06 Large Scale Arrest Processing Procedure.
    Have groups of no more than _______prisoners with their arresting/assigned officers and one (1) supervisor from the scene of arrest, transported to designated precinct stationhouse(s) via patrol wagon
    -twenty (20) prisoners
  12. 213-06 Large Scale Arrest Processing Procedure
    Who reviews and signs, where appropriate, all arrest related documents and forms for accuracy and completeness upon completion of arrest processing, including DESK APPEARANCE TICKETS and Criminal Court Summonses issued?
  13. 213-06 Large Scale Arrest Processing Procedure.
    When a large scale arrest situation is anticipated WHO contacts borough Court Section supervisor, via telephone message, with all pertinent information?
    the commanding officer concerned
  14. 213-07 Unusual Disorder Maps
    COMMANDING OFFICER will procure eight (8) large wall type precinct/police service area/transit district area maps from WHO?
    the Communications Division, Cartography Section.
  15. 213-07 Unusual Disorder Maps
    The Commanding Officer will prepare an index listing the facilities on the map on separate sheet of paper and place is where?
    permanently attach the index to a non-essential area on the front of the map
  16. 213-07 Unusual Disorder Maps.
    Where does the COMMANDING OFFICER forward all 8 maps to?
    Forward all eight (8) maps to the Police Academy, Reproductions Unit,for lamination
  17. 213-08 Unusual Disorder Plan - Formulating Plan
    What does the PRECINCT/UNIT COMMANDER do to indicate that an appendix does not apply?
    If an appendix does not apply, prepare a blank page listing the appendix and the statement “DOES NOT APPLY TO THIS COMMAND.”
  18. 213-08 Unusual Disorder Plan - Formulating Plan
    SENSITIVE LOCATIONS list (A-F) are in priority order. What is the type of location listed as top priority?
    (a) Gun shops
  19. 213-08 Unusual Disorder Plan - Formulating Plan
    Unusual disorder plans will be updated yearly with changes noted on a cover sheet and forwarded to the Office of the Chief of Department by ____________?
    • February 1st each year.
    • Bureau/borough/unit commanders may conduct a more frequent review of disorder plans, as necessary.
  20. 213-09 Unusual Disorder Kits.
    The pupose of this procedure is to provide readily available clerical supplies and Department forms for use at unusual disorder scenes. The COMMANDING OFFICER will obtain additional supplies, if required during an unusual disorder, from ?
    • -command post vehicle
    • -adjoining commands
    • -or Quartermaster Section.
  21. 213-10 Emergency Mobilization of Off Duty Personnel.
    In the event of a mobilization of off duty personnel,UMOS in the rank of captain or above will, in all cases, report to?
    • -Their permanent command
    • -Activation of this procedure will be transmitted via television, radio, or telephone.
  22. 213-10 Emergency Mobilization of Off Duty Personnel.
    Notify patrol borough/counterpart of number of the following:
    • a. Personnel available, by rank.
    • b. Number of squads, by category.
    • c. Number of personnel that have been assigned to address the needs of the command.
    • d. Number of operational vehicles, by type.
  23. 213-10 Emergency Mobilization of Off Duty Personnel.
    What are the three times you will direct that telephone notifications be made to members of command?
    • 1-if off duty mobilization message is transmitted during early morning hours
    • 2- or at other times when members may not hear it
    • 3- or if response is inadequate.
    • *Notify key command personnel, direct (by telephone, through resident precinct, or other available means)
  24. 213-11 Policing Special Events
    INCIDENT COMMANDER will assign a supervisor to conduct pre-event survey
    which a copy if the information will be forwarded to?
    Intelligence Division for inclusion in database
  25. 213-11 Policing Special Events
    • At facility where event is to be held, with
    • operator, event sponsor(s), security coordinator, representative of next
    • higher command, Operations Division, and other parties involved.
  26. 213-11 Policing Special Events
    If pre-event survey indicates possibility of large crowd exceeding facility capacity or
    medical assistance being needed WHO will be notified to have a representative at the conference?
    the Fire Department will be notified
  27. 213-11 Policing Special Events
    The Police Department will not engage in any investigation of political activity except through?
    the Public Security Section of the Intelligence Division
  28. 213-12 Apprehension Plan
    Who will request response of Detective Bureau duty captain?
  29. 213-12 Apprehension Plan
    Duty Captian, activate “APPREHENSION PLAN” HOW?
    by telephone, if possible, or by communications Section via Operations Unit.
  30. 213-12 Apprehension Plan.
    Ideally, the Command Post vehicles assigned (task force, TARU, Communications
    Section) should all be located WHERE?
    together and approximately one block from the incident.
  31. 213-13 Emergency Plans A - B - C
    When a precinct commander determines that coverage of a previously established
    prioritized traffic post for Plan “A” is no longer warranted, or that a new location
    should be added, he will amend the post list accordingly and forward a revised copy to ?
    the patrol borough commander.
  32. 213-15 Duties at Special Events
    Where will the SECTOR COMMANDER place
    inside front cover of command post log for ready reference during event.
  33. 213-15 Duties at Special Events --
    Emergency incident such as fire, accident, etc., SECTOR COMMANDERS will Halt parade contingents a minimum of?
    one (1) block before any emergency incident
  34. 213-15 Duties at Special Events
    How does the INCIDENT COMMANDER file completed DETAIL ROSTER/ASSIGNMENT SHEETS after assignment is completed.?
    at precinct of record
  35. 213-16 Relocation of Vehicles During Special Events
    SUPERVISOR ASSIGNED, have “No Parking” signs posted WHEN?
    at least two (2) days prior to the start of an event
  36. 213-16 Relocation of Vehicles During Special Events
    Enter vehicle relocation information via FINEST into TOPIS, how?
    by using function 231, “Log-In Vehicle Street Relocation.”
  37. 213-16 Relocation of Vehicles During Special Events
    Since VEHICLE RELOCATION REPORTS contain additional information not
    captured by the TOPIS entry, these reports will be maintained for?
    • forty-five (45) days, on a clipboard secured at the desk.
    • *After forty-five (45) days, these reports should be discarded.
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