SAT Vocab-Week 8:Column 1

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  1. Perceive
    feel, comprehend, note, understand
  2. Perception
    the act of receiving impressions by the senses
  3. Percussion
    violently striking of one thing against another
  4. Peregrination
    the act of passing through any space, journeying
  5. Peremptory
  6. Perigee
    the point in an orbit nearest the Earth
  7. Peripheral
    of an edge or boundary
  8. Peristaltic
    alternate constriction and dilation of a tube
  9. Permeable
    capable of having fluids pass through
  10. Permutation
    rearrangement of the order of a group of items
  11. Pernicious
    causing much harm
  12. Peroration
    the last part of a speech
  13. Perquisite
    an incidental compensation
  14. Perspicuity
    clearness in expression
  15. Pervious
    admitting of passage, open to influence
  16. Petulance
    petty, fretfulness
  17. Picaresque
    pertaining to rogues
  18. Picturesque
    having a rough, unfamiliar, or quaint natural beauty
  19. Pilaster
    an architectural support designed to resemble a column
  20. Piquant
    stimulating taste, agreeably pungent
  21. Pique
    a fit resentment
  22. Piqué
    a firm cotton fabric with raised cords
  23. Piscatorial
    pertaining to fishing
  24. Pixilated
    amusingly eccentric
  25. Platitude
    trite remark
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