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  1. Cannae-
    from Republican Rome: Rome’s worst defeat at a battle; this lost shocked and frightened the Romans, but they wouldn’t surrender
  2. Carthage-
    from Republican Rome: A town in North Africa destroyed and over taken by Romans in the Punic Wars; the war against Carthage lead to three wars in Macedonia.
  3. Consul-
    from Republican Rome: the government contained two of these people; they held imperium and were elected by the citizens
  4. Crassus-
    from Republican Rome: led armies and was leader of the business community; created a Triumvirate which was an informal political alliance of Julius Caesar and Pompey
  5. Cicero-
    from Republican Rome: lawyer who studied in Academy; known for his writings which were used as textbooks
  6. Equites (equestrians)-
    from Republican Rome: wealthy plebeians; could afford to be in the Calvary
  7. Hannibal-
    from Republican Rome: Carthaginian general; created one of the greatest military strategies in history which lead to Rome’s worst defeat.
  8. Julius Caesar-
    from Republican Rome: became the dictator of Rome; Conquered Gaul; his reign marked the end of the Roman Republic
  9. Law of Twelve Tables-
    from Republican Rome: law which spelled out the equal rights and responsibilities of the Roman citizens
  10. Marius-
    from Republican Rome; general; he refined the Roman army by allowing those w/o property to fight
  11. Optimates-
    from Republican Rome: They wished to limit the power of the popular assemblies and the Tribunes of the Plebs, and to extend the power of the Senate
  12. Plebs/plebeians-
    from Republican Rome: were the Republic’s working people; made up the majority of the population
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