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  1. Patricians-
    from Republican Rome: the noble families; were farmers until needed in war
  2. Punic Wars-
    from Republican Rome: a series of three wars fought between Rome and Carthage; the wars resulted because Rome wanted to expand
  3. Pompey-
    from Republican Rome: political leader who got into a civil war with Caesar
  4. Populares-
    from Republican Rome: political party of the common people; wanted to address the imbalancement of wealth
  5. Republic-
    from Republican Rome: a state in which the supreme power rests in the body of citizens who are entitled to vote
  6. Sulla-
    from Republican Rome: general; his success in commanding 6 legions earned him a governorship in Asia
  7. Senate-
    from Republican Rome: composed of 300 patricians; proposed laws which were voted on
  8. Spartacus-
    from Republican Rome: from a royal family but was captured and sold to slavery; created a slave revolt to gain freedom.
  9. Tiberius Gracchus-
    from Republican Rome: from royal family but help the poor; proposed a law which gave land to landless Romans
  10. Tribune-
    from Republican Rome: leaders who were to represent plebeian interests. This lead to plebeians gaining more political power
  11. Triumvirate-
    from Republican Rome: a political regiment made up of 3 men who appealed to various sectors of Roman society
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