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  1. Bad Guys finishes, light go down and gang walk to steps to office
    • Come on you dummies
    • get up here…
    • I can't believe my eyes?
    • Get these jelly legs movin’ in this direction
    • You bunch of peanut brains
    • Snake Eyes quit playin with that dice,
    • Knuckles quit crackin those knuckles
  2. Snake Eyes/Knuckles: Sorry Boss
    • I swear
    • I’m surrounded by a a bunch of nervous wrecks!
    • Let’s start at the beginning.
    • We are being outsmarted by that
    • meddlin minx Madison May
    • and her harpy Hot Broads …
    • right?
  3. Gang: Right boss
    And we have to get right back on top…

  4. Gang: OK boss right back on top
    • We’re gonna kick those
    • cheesy chicks
    • right into line
  5. Gang: You bet boss..
    We can do it
    Leave it to us boss
    • (in forgiving tones)
    • Sure we’ve been a little slow
    • offa the mark,
    • but when it comes to the crunch,
    • dumb dames we aint!
  6. Gang: No boss!
    Dumb dames we aint!

    (but not too convincingly)
    • (moving down stage)
    • Now I’m going to tell you knuckleheads
    • where we are going wrong..

    • Luigi stand against the wall
  7. Luigi; Who me Boss?
    Are you Shake Down Luigi?
  8. Luigi: Sure am Boss
    • The same Shake Down Luigi
    • who used to be
    • Harvey Spleendecker
    • before’s I gave you the name
    • Shake Down Luigi?
  9. Luigi; Yes the same Boss
    • Well stand against the wall
    • porridge brain…
    • Ritzy hand me that gun
  10. Luigi: Have I done something wrong BOSS?
    Talk to
    me Boss,
    tell me boss
    • You didn’t do nothing Luigi
    • nothing at all….
    • this is a scientific experimentation
    • (HE FIRES THE GUN Luigi ducks)
    • See what I mean …missed …
    • OK Luigi you can sit down now.
    • See even a dumb bum like Luigi is too quick for us….
    • This is the root of our trouble…
    • we are behind the times in respect of

  11. Knuckles: technicals…
    I don’t get it boss, we don’t get it
    • Knuckles,
    • we are never gonna get on top
    • with this kinda
    • hardware….
    • It’s defunct…absolute..
    • It's old fashioned…
    • In short ..we gottta get ourselves the weapon
    • that the Hot Broads are packing
  12. Black out on stunned faces bums exit
    Fat Sam goes down stairs as
    Lights up on scene stage left and Shady slides in

    Shady: Hello Sam
    Start gabbin Shady
  13. Shady; I located the guns
    Spill beans Shady spill
  14. Shady: You know the Hoo Flung Dung Laundry
    • Er?
    • Would that be in China town?
  15. Shady: Sure!! It’s in China Town(he
    looks at FS as tho’ he is dumb) on East 14th 2nd floor
    • Thanks Shady
    • I’ll see you OK.
    • (Shady moves to SL)
    • Good this is excellent news
    • I’ll be sending the boys in to collect them.
    • (Fat Sam exits)
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