rock formation

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  1. replacement and recrystallization fossils
    replacement of bones and teeth, shells
  2. Cast
    imprint of organsims is mineralized
  3. trace fossils
    mineralized foot tracks, burrows, eggs and nest
  4. sedimentary rock
    deposited at the bottom of the ocean or above ground, limestone, shale, sandstone. find fossils here
  5. igneous rock
    molten rock from magma, would not find fossils here
  6. metamorphic rock
    either sedimentary or ogneous rocks buried deep underground and recooked under pressure. fossils are lost because it is too hot
  7. strata
    can be dated by using radiometric dating of igneous rock layers, lava flow on either side of sedimentary rock
  8. geologic sequence
    can be reconstructed due to physical relationships of sedimentary strata, volcanic intrusions, erosion and movement along fault lines
  9. Alfred wegner
    proposed continental drift and plate tectonics
  10. plate tectonics
    the crust of the earth, emerged which made continents is broken up into plates that float on the surface of the astenosphere
  11. Convection cells
    heat in the earth causes these which push two plates apart
  12. Where two plates meet they can either
    • spread apart like the mid oceanic ridge
    • collide and buckle cause mountains
    • subduction where one plate slide underneath the other
    • slide past each other like the san andreas fault
  13. Hot spots
    generated by volcanoes, because the plates move the hot spots cause the chain of volcanoes to create islands
  14. 300 to 200 mya
    continenets were joined as pangaea which was made up of laurasia (north) and gondwana (south)
  15. 150 mya
    gondwana started breaking apart
  16. why does continental drift matter
    found fossils of species on antaractica that wouldnt normally be there
  17. 4.6 bya
    solar system
  18. 3.5 bya
    prokayotes only
  19. 2.2bya
    atmosphere changes from low o2 to high o2
  20. 2 bya
    earliest eukaryotes
  21. 543
    end of precambrian beginning of phanerozic
  22. 500mya
    beginning of terrestrial life in the cambrian period
  23. 251mya
    beginng of mesozoic
  24. 65mya
    beginng of cenozoix
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