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  1. neurons
    cells in the nevous system that communicate with one another to perform information processing tasks
  2. cell body
    the part of a neuron that coordinates information processing tasks and keeps cells alive
  3. dendrite
    the part of a neuron that recieves information from other neurons and relays to the cell body
  4. axon
    the part of a neuron that transmits information to other neurons muscles or glands
  5. myelin sheath
    an insulating layer of fatty material
  6. gilal cells
    support cells found in the nervous system
  7. sensory neurons
    neurons that recieve information from the external world and convey this information to the brain via the spinal cord
  8. motor neurons
    neurons that carry signals from the spinal cord to the musles to produce movement
  9. interneurons
    neurons that connect sensory neurons motor neurons or other interneurons
  10. resting potential
    the diffrence in electric charge between in the inside and outside of a neurons cell membrane
  11. action potential
    an electric signal that is conducted along a neurons axon to a synpse
  12. refractory period
    the time following an action potential during which a new action potential cannot be initiated
  13. terminal buttons
    knoblike structions that branch out an axon
  14. neurotransmitter
    chemicals that transmit information across the synapse to a recieving neurons dendrites
  15. receptors
    parts of hte cell membrane that recieve the neurotransmitter and initiate or prevent a new electric signal
  16. acetycholine
    a neurotransmitter involved in a number of functions including voluntary motor control
  17. dopamine
    a neurotransmitter that regulates motor behavior motivation pleasure and emotional arousal
  18. GABA (gamma - aminobutyric acid)
    the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain
  19. norepinephrine
    a neurotransmitter that influences mood and arousal
  20. serotonin
    a neurotransmitter that is involved in the regulation sof sleep and wakefulness eating and aggresive behavior
  21. endorphins
    chemicals that act within the pain pathways and emotion centers of the brain
  22. nervous system
    an interacting network of neurons that conveys electrochemical information throughout the body
  23. central nervous system
    the part of the nervous system that is composed of the brain and spinal cord
  24. peripheral nervous system
    the part of the nervous system that connects the central nervouse system to the bodys organs and muscles
  25. temporal lobe
    a region of the central cortex responsible for hearing and languege
  26. frontal lobe
    a region of the cerebral cortex that has specialized areas for movement abstract thinking planning memory and judgment
  27. asociation areas
    areas of the cerebral cortex that are composed of neurons that help provide sense and meaning to information registerd in the cortex
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