Signs and Symptoms of Cb Damage

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  1. Ataxia
    • dysmetria
    • dysdiadochokinesia
    • rebound/lack of check
    • ataxic gait
  2. hypotonia
    • due to loss of normal reinforcement to cortical motor signals
    • max force output is unimpaired, but ability to sustain force is
  3. dysarthria
    • poor coordination of the speech apparatus and breath support are present
    • scanning speech, talking in pieces
  4. asthenia
    muscles weakness caused by lack of control and coordination of forces, and timing of muscle contraction
  5. nystagmus
    • seen in flocculonodular lobe lesions
    • upbeat nystagmus: fall down & beat up (gaze)
  6. dyssynergia
    • decomposition of movement
    • lack of coordinated, synergistic movement between agonist and antagonist
    • results in movement appearing comprised of multiple segments (robotic)
  7. gait/balance abnormalities
    • midline lesions of Cb result in deficits maintaining upright stance
    • visual input has little influence on Cb ataxia
    • gait is frequently staggering, similar to look of intoxication
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