Mental Health Nursing

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  1. This term refers to multiple physical complaints with no organic basis
    What is hysteria?
  2. This term refers to a seemingly lack of concern or distress
    What is la belle indifference?
  3. This term is used to convey the connection between the mind (psyche) and the body (soma) in states of health and illness
    What is psychosomatic?
  4. This term refers to preoccupation with the fear that one will get a serious disease
    What is disease phobia?
  5. This refers to a preoccupation with the fear that one has a serious disease
    What is disease conviction?
  6. This disorder begins by age 30, extends over several years and includes a combination of pain and gastrointestinal, sexual, and pseudoneurologic symptoms
    What is Somatization disorder?
  7. This disorder has the primary physical symptoms of pain, which generally unrelieved by analgesics
    What is Pain disorder?
  8. This disorder is characterized by a preoccupation with the fear that one has a serious disease (disease conviction) or will get a serious disease (disease phobia)
    What is Hypochondriasis?
  9. This disorder involves unexplained, usually sudden deficits in sensory or motor function
    What is Conversion disorder?
  10. This disorder is a preoccupation with an imagined or exaggerated defect in physical appearance
    What is Body Dysmorphic disorder?
  11. This hypochondriacal concern comes from India and is characterized by concern about semen loss
    What is Dhat?
  12. This Southeast Asian cultural syndrome is characterized by the belief that the patient is shrinking and will disappear into the abdomen, resulting in death
    What is Koro?
  13. This Korean bound syndrome is characterized by suppressed anger that causes insomnia, fatigue, panic, indigestion, and generalized aches and pains
    What is Hwa-byung?
  14. This southern United States and Caribbean islands syndrome is characterized by a sudden collapse; person cannot see or move
    What is falling out episodes?
  15. This cultural-bound syndrome occurs in China and includes physical and mental fatigue, dizziness, backache, pain, sleep disturbance, memory loss, gastrointestinal problems, and sexual dysfunction
    What is Shenjing shuariou?
  16. In these disorders people willfully control their symptoms
    What are Malingering and factitious disorders?
  17. This disorder is the intentional production of false or grossly exaggerated physical or psychological symptoms; it is motivated by external incentives such as avoiding work
    What is Malingering?
  18. This disorder occurs when a person intentionally produces or feigns physical or psychological symptoms solely to gain attention
    What is factitious disorder?
  19. The common term for factitious disorder in which a person may inflict injury to themselves to receive attention
    What is Munchhausen syndrome?
  20. This variation of factitious disorder occurs when a person inflicts illness or injury to someone else to gain the attention of emergency medical personnel or to be a “hero” for saving the victim
    What is Munchhausen syndrome by proxy?
  21. This technique is used to assist clients to relax and reduce feelings of stress
    What is emotion-focused coping strategies?
  22. This term refers to keeping stress, anxiety, or frustration inside rather than expressing them outwardly
    What is internalization?
  23. This technique is used to resolve or change a person’s behavior or situation or to manage life stressors
    What is Problem-focused coping strategies?
  24. This term refers to the transference of mental experiences and states into bodily symptoms
    What is Somatization?
  25. This is characterized as the presence of physical symptoms that suggests a medical condition without a demonstrable organic basis to account fully for them
    What is the Somatoform disorders?
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