Customs and Traditions

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  1. What Publication should you consult for detailed info concerning planning, organizing, and conducting official and unofficial events?
    The social use and protocol handbook OPNAV 092-p1
  2. What is Custom?
    A usual way of acting in given circunstances, and it is also a practice so long stablished that it has the force of law.
  3. What is courtesy?
    An act of verbal expression of consideration or respect for others.
  4. What two was do personnel in civilian clothes render the hand salute?
    Hat in frnt of the left shoulder (men only) and right hand over the heart (men withput hats: women with or without hats) Only to salute the anthem or the flag never to salute officers.
  5. When does the navy permit left hand salute?
    When a salute can not be rendered with the right hand. (Army and Air Force permite only right hand salute)
  6. What position is always used to render a salute?
  7. How do you render a salute when carrying something with both hands?
    Look at the officer a render a verbal greeting.
  8. What action shoud a Navy person take when in a office where several uncovered Army personnel rise and salute as an officer enters/
    Rise and salute
  9. When does an enlisted person salute an approaching officer, while walking or standing by another commissioned officer?
    At the same time the officer present salutes.
  10. What distance should you start a hand salute when approaching an officer?
    Six paces
  11. What civilians, if any, are entitled (rate) a hand salute.
    Any civilian, who is entitled (rate) because of their political position, to gun salutes or other honors.
  12. How often should all senior officers attached to your ship or tation be saluted?
    On your first daily meeting.
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