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  1. 1. What part of the blood fights infection and disease?
    White Blood Cells
  2. 2. What part of the blood initiates the blood clotting process?
  3. 3. What disease produces abnormally shaped red blood cells?
    Sickle Cell Anemia
  4. 4. What are the two forms of immunity?
    • a) Natural Immunity
    • b) Acquired Immunity
  5. 5. What type of immunity is not specific to a disease?
    Natural Immunity
  6. 1. What are the three functions of the cardiovascular system?
    • a) Distribute blood to all areas of the body
    • b) Delivery of needed substances to cells
    • c) Removal of wastes
  7. 2. What are the four organs of the cardiovascular system?
    • a) Heart
    • b) Arteries
    • c) Capillaries
    • d) Veins
  8. 3. How many chambers are located in the heart muscle?
  9. 4. The heart is divided into the right and left sides by the:
  10. 5. A disease in which plaque builds up inside your arteries is called:
  11. 2. What are the six organs of the digestive tract?
    • a) Oral Cavity
    • b) Pharynx
    • c) Esophagus
    • d) Stomach
    • e) Small Intesting
    • f) Colon
  12. 3. What are the four accessory organs of the digestive tract?
    • a) Pancreas
    • b) Liver
    • c) Gallbladder
    • d) Salivary Glands
  13. 4. The area for storage of feces is:
  14. 5. What term is associated with beginning the digestion of carbohydrates?
  15. 6. What are the three functions of the liver?
    • a) Process Nutrients
    • b) Detoxifies harmful substances
    • c) Produces Bile
  16. 4. What is the endocrine gland located behind the sternum that secretes hormones which stimulate the production of cells involved in the immune system?
    Thymus Gland
  17. 5. What endocrine gland is known as the master gland?
  18. 6. What condition results when individuals have too much growth hormone?
  19. 6. What type of immunity is the body?s response to an antigen?
  20. 7. The two type of Acquired immunity are:
    • a) Passive Acquired Immunity
    • b) Active Acquired Immunity
  21. 8. What term is known as an increase in the amount of fluid in the lymphatic system?
  22. 9. AIDS stands for:
    Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
  23. 10. How can one transmit the HIV virus to another person?
    • a) Unprotected Sex
    • b) Sharing Needles
    • c) Contact with infected Blood
    • d) Child Birth
  24. 6. What are the two types of stroke? What is the difference between them?
    • a) Ischemic = Blood clot that blocks or plugs a blood vessel in the brain
    • b) Hemorrhagic = Blood vessel that break and bleeds into the brain
  25. 7. A disease often known as the ?silent killer? is:
  26. 8. Normal blood Pressure is:
  27. 9. The diagnosis that indicates when a clot in the coronary artery blocks the supply of blood and oxygen to the heart is:
    Myocardial Infarction
  28. 1. What are the three functions of the digestive system?
    • a) Digestion of Food
    • b) Absorption of Nutrients
    • c) Elimination of solid wastes
  29. 7. What is the term associated when substances in bile harden?
  30. 8. What disease is associated with inflammation of the digestive system and affects the ileum?
    Crohn's disease
  31. 1.What are the eight endocrine glands?
    • a) Adrenal Gland
    • b) Pancreas
    • c) Pituitary Gland
    • d) Pineal Gland
    • e) Ovary(ies)
    • f) Testicles(s)
    • g) Thyroid
    • h) Thymus Gland
  32. 2.What endocrine gland has other functions in the body in addition to producing hormones?
  33. 3.What endocrine gland has both an exocrine and endocrine function?
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