Econ test 2 chapter 5

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  1. depository institutions
    financial intitutions that accept from individuals and provide loans
  2. commercial banks
    financial institutions that accept deposites and use the funds to provide commercial and personal loans
  3. savings institutions
    financial intitutions that accept deposites and provide mortgage and personal loans to individuals
  4. credit unions
    nonprofit depository institutions that serve members who have a common affiliation
  5. nondepository institutions
    financial intitutions that do not offer federally insured deposit accounts but provide various other financial service
  6. finance companies
    nondepository institutions that specialize in providing personal loans to individuals
  7. securities firms
    nondepository institutions that facilitate the purchase or sale of securities by firms or individuals by providing investment banking services and brokerage services
  8. insurance companies
    nondepository institutions that provide insurance to protect individuals or firms from possible adverse events
  9. investment companies
    nondepository institutions that sell shares to individuals and use the proceeds to invest in securities to creat mutual funds
  10. financial conglomerates
    financial intitutions that offer a diverse set of financial services to individuals or firms
  11. debit card
    a card that is used to make purchases that are charged against a checking account
  12. safety deposit box
    a box at a financial intitution where a customer can store ducuments jewlery or other valuables
  13. Automated teller machine (ATM)
    a machine where individals can deposit and withdraw funds any time of the day
  14. cashiers check
    a check that is written on behalf of a person to a specific payee and will be charged against a financial intitutions account
  15. money order
    a check written on behalf of a person for a fixed amount that is paid in advance
  16. travelers check
    a check that is written on behalf of an individual and will be charged against a large well-known financial intitution or credit union
  17. Certificate of deposit (CD)
    an instrument that is used by a depository institution and specifies a minimum investment an interest rate and a maturity
  18. risk-free rate
    a return on an investment that is guaranteed for a specified period
  19. risk primium
    an additional return beyond the risk-free rate that can be earned from a deposit guaranteed by the government
  20. term structure of intrest rates
    the relatioship between the maturities of risk-free debt securities and the annulixed yields offered on those securities
  21. money supply
    demand deposites and currency held by the public
  22. monetary policy
    the actions taken by the Federal Reserve to control the money supply
  23. open market options
    the Fed's buying and selling of Treasury securities
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