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  1. Spinal Cord, what is it?
    Link between brain and rest of body.

    Has spinal nerves which carry motor & sensory stimuli.
  2. How many pairs of spinal nerves are in the:

    Cervical region
    Thoracic region
    Lumbar region
    Sacral region
    Cervical: 8 pairs of spinal nerves attached to the cervix.

    Thoracic: 12 pairs

    Lumbar: 5 pairs

    Sacral: 5 pairs
  3. What is the Conus medullaris? (clinical importance)

    What is the Filum terminale?

    What is the Cauda equina?
    "Inferior end of spinal cord". (L1 - L2)

    A strand of pia mater off end of conus.

    "horse's tail"-Nerve roots from inferior end of the spinal cord.(All above 3 parts are a part of the Conus medullaris & cauda equina)
  4. Spinal Cord Meninges.

    Pia, Arachnoid, Dura
    Piamater: surface of spinal cord.

    Arachnoid mater: CSF

    Dura mater: thick outer layer
  5. Features of the Spinal Cord.Segment.

    (white/gray) parts

    *locate on slide: posterior/anterior
    • Posterior & lateral horns are interconnected.
    • (lateral/anterior horn) motor function
    • (Posterior) sensory function

    White matter: (posterior/lateral/anterior) funiculus; white commissure.

    Gray matter: (posterior/lateral/anterior) horn; gray commissure
  6. Cross Section of Spinal Cord with Spinal Nerves

    Label parts:
    Dorsal horn
    Dorsal root
    Dorsal root ganglion (cell bodies associated w/ dorsal root)
    Ventral root
    Spinal nerve
  7. What's the function of the intervertebral foramina?
  8. Posterior and Anterior Roots.

    What do the posterior roots contain?

    Joing of posterior/anterior roots form?
    Central processes.

    Sensory cell bodies: posterior root ganglia.

    Interneurons: anterior horn of spinal cord.

    Joinging: of a posterior and anterior form a spinal nerve.
  9. Posterior and Anterior Rami

    Distribution of Posterior Rami

    What are they innervated by?
    Innervated by plexuses formed by dorsal rami.
  10. What is the Nerve Plexus?


    2 largest nerve plexuses are...
    Network of anterior rami

    Allows nerves formed from spinal nerves

    • 2 largest nerve plexuses:
    • 1) brachial
    • 2) lumbosacral
  11. Spinal Nerves pairs on Cervix (slide)
    Above C1: C1

    Below C1: C2

    Below C2: C3

    Below C3: C4

    Below C4: C5

    Below C5: C6

    Below C6: C7

    Below C7: C8

    Below T1: T1
  12. Significance of brachial plexus? (upper extremities)

    Travels between C5-T1 (cervix 5 to Thoracic 1)
  13. C5-T1: Brachial Plexus

    Nerves (branches)

    Musculocutaneous, Median, Ulnar

    *Muscles innervated; what do they do? Location? Distribution?
  14. Axillary Nerve


    Teres minor/Deltoid

    (Example exam ?) Shoulder has numbness?
    Shoulder numbness: Axillary Nerve
  15. Musculocutaneous Nerve


    Main function of biceps brachii?
    Main function of biceps: Flex at the elbow.
  16. Radial Nerve


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