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  1. (Learn openings in floor of skull, slide is on "Spinal Cord" PPT)

    Understand functions of nerves.

    *Cross out VIII (vestibulocochlear/Acoustic)
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  2. Functional Mnemonic

    (Sensory, motor, or both)

    S: sensory / M: motor / B: both

    • S: olfactory (some)
    • S: optic (say)
    • M: oculomotor (money)
    • M: trochlear (matters)
    • B: trigeminal (but)
    • M: abducens (my)
    • B: facial (brother)
    • S: vestibulocochlear (says)
    • B: glossopharyngeal (big)
    • B: vagus (businesses)
    • M: accessory (make)
    • M: hypoglossal (money)
  3. Mnemonic for Foramin pathways.

    Assign the CN to one of the nine foramina.

    • Cribiform plate: CN I
    • Canal in sphenoid bone: CN II
    • Superior orbital fissure: CN III, IV, V, VI, V1
    • F. Rotundum: V2
    • F. Spinosum: V3
    • Internal auditory meatus: CN VII, VIII
    • Jugular foramina: CN IX, X, XI
    • Canal for occiptal bone: CN XII
  4. Which nerves carry Parasympathetic neurons? (4)
    CN III (3), oculomotor

    VII (7), facial

    IX (9), glossopharyngeal

    XI (11) accessory
  5. Of the CN, designate each to their rightful area:

    Cerebral hemispheres
    Medulla Oblongata
    • Ch: 1-2 (2)
    • Olfactory, optic

    • Midbrain: 3-4 (2)
    • Occulomotor, trochlear

    • Pons: 5-8 (3 1/2)
    • Trigeminal, abducens, facial, vestibulocochlear

    • Medulla Oblongata: 8-12 (4 1/2)
    • Vestibulocochlear, glossopharyngeal, vagus, accessory, hypoglossal

    *CN VIII (8) vestibulocochlear is both Pons and MO.
  6. Cranial nerve 1 (I)?

    Function? (1)

    S, M, or B

    Olfactory Nerve.

    Function: smell

    (Hint: an "old" factory "smells)


    • Pathway: olfactory foramina of Cribiform plate.
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  7. Cranial nerve 2 (II)?

    Function (1) / location / S, M, or B / Pathway
    Optic Nerve.

    Function: vision

    Location of receptors: retina of eye


    Pathway: optic foramina

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  8. Cranial nerve 3 (III)?

    Autonomic (para or sympa) (S, M, or B)

    Function / Innervates (4 innervations, 5 muscles)

    Oculomotor Nerve

    • Functions:
    • Somatic motor to 4 of 6 muscles of the eye.

    -Autonomic motor: (parasyjpathetic) to the lens & pupil-lens: thickens-pupil: constricts

    • Innervates: all muscles labeled on slide.(1-4 are involuntary)
    • 1) Superior rectus
    • 2) Medial rectus
    • 3) Inferior rectus
    • 4) Infererior oblique
    • 5) Levator palpebrae superioris

    Pathway: Superior orbital fissure

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  9. Cranial nerve 4 (CN IV)?


    S, M, or B
    • Trochlear Nerve
    • Function: somatic motor to superior oblique muscle.

    Pathway: superior orbital fissure

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  10. Cranial Nerve 5 (V)?

    (locate)What are the 3 divisions?Functions?

    General sensation?

    What does it innervates?

    Pathway: see divisions.
    • Trigeminal Nerve
    • Divisions:
    • 1) Ophthalmic branch (V1, through S. orbital fissure)
    • 2) Maxillary branch (V2, through foramen rotundum)
    • 3) Mandibular branch (V3, through foramen ovale)

    *General sensation, anterior 2/3 of tongue

    *Innervates mastication (for chewing)

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  11. Cranial Nerve 6 (CN VI)


    Function (1)./ Pathway

    S, M, or B?
    Abducens Nerve.

    Function: somatic motor to lateral rectus muscle

    Pathway: superior orbital fissure.

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  12. Right Eye (movement of the eye ball)

    What muscles move your eye ball up or down?
    • -Adduction (left/right)
    • -Lateral rectus-Medial rectus
    • -Elevation (superior rectus)
    • -Inferior rectus (depression w/ adduction)
    • -Superior oblique (down and out)
    • -Superior rectus (up and in)

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  13. Cranial Nerve 7 (VII)

    Functions (somatic/autonomic) / Special Sense

    S, M, or B?

    Facial Nerve

    • Functions: (Both)
    • Somatic Motor: muscles of facial expression.
    • Autonomic: (parasympathetics) to lacrimal gland, submandibular/sublingual salivary glands.

    Special Sense: Taste from anterior 2/3 of tongue.

    Pathway: internal auditory meatus

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  14. Cranial Nerve 8 (VIII)

    Functions (2) / Location / Pathway

    S, M, or B?
    • Vestibulocochlear Nerve
    • Both Sensory and Motor
    • Functions:
    • 1) Balance
    • 2) Hearing

    Location: receptors in inner ear.

    Pathway: internal auditory meatus.

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  15. Cranial Nerve 9; (IX)

    Functions (2), (autonomic/PARA) / General sensory / Special sensory


    • Glossopharyngeal Nerve. ("glosso" means tongue)
    • Functions:
    • General sensory: from posterior 1/3 of tongue.

    Special sensory: taste from posterior 1/3 of tongue.

    *Regulates blood, gases, and pressure.


    Pathway: Jugular foramina

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  16. Cranial Nerve 10 (X).

    Functions (2) / one of which is Autonomic motor / Pathway
    • Vagus Nerve (right/left)
    • Function:
    • 1) pharynx and larynx

    2) Autonomic motor (Para): to heart and lungs.


    Pathway: jugular foramen.

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  17. Cranial Nerve 11 (XI)

    Function (1)

    S, M, or B?

    • Accessery Nerve.
    • Function: somatic motor trapezius to sternocleidomastoid muscles.

    Pathway: jugular foramen.

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  18. Cranial Nerve 12 (XII).


    S, M, or B?

    What is a significant point to note about this nerve? (innervation)

    • Hypoglossal Nerve.
    • Function:
    • Somatic motor to muscles of tongue.

    Significance: innervated by VAGUS, not hypoglossal! ***

    Pathway: hypoglossal foramen

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  19. Cranial Nerve Mnemonic!

    O, O, O, T, T, A, F, V, G, V, A H! (1-12)
    • Oh: olfactory
    • Oh: optic
    • Oh: oculomotor
    • To: trochlear
    • Touch: trigeminal
    • And: abducens
    • Feel: facial
    • Very: vestibulocochlear
    • Good: glossopharyngeal
    • Velvet: vagus
    • A: accessory
    • H!: hypoglossal
  20. Check slide 62, Chapter_15 for holes of the skull floor.
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