331 10.1 Pure Tone Threshold Testing

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  1. variables influencing pure tone thresholds
    • length of the tonal stimulus
    • ascending v. descending techniques
    • instructions given to the patient
    • position of the ear phones
    • audiometer used
    • subject variability
  2. the Hugheson - Westlake Technique
    • if they respond to sound go down 10
    • if they don't respind go up 5
    • threshold is when they respond 50% of time (test 2/3)
  3. Testing order
    • do best ear first
    • test 1,000 Hz
    • test 2000 4000 8000
    • retest 1000
    • test 500 250
    • then the other ear 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000
    • *this can change with the patient
  4. which testing sounds are inaccurate
    • 8000
    • 500 and 250 because they can go through the glass in the booth
  5. air conduction test
    outer middle and inner ear (how you hear)
  6. bone conduction test
    • vibration of the ear
    • how you hear yourself (part of it) or the drilling on a tooth
    • cannot test above 4000 Hz
  7. if there is a problem with the OE ME or IE
    air conduction test will be worse
  8. if there is a problem with the IE
    bone conduction and air conduction will be equal
  9. red round mark is for the
    right ear
  10. bone conduction in the right ear is marked by
    red carrots on the left side
  11. left ear air conduction id marked by
    blue Xs
  12. left ear bone conduction is marked by
    a blue carrot in the left side
  13. hearing loss for an adult is measured by
    25 dB
  14. hearing loss for a child is measured by
    15 dB
  15. adult or child is measured by
    your language capabilities
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