SAT Vocab-Week 8:Column 2

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  1. Plectrum
    a small piece used to pluck a stringed instrument
  2. Plethora
  3. Plinth
    lower square part of a column
  4. Pogrom
    an organized massacre of a certain class of people
  5. Poignant
    with sharp emotional appeal
  6. Polemics
    art of disputing
  7. Polity
    organization or constitution of a government
  8. Polonaise
    a slow Polish dance
  9. Polymer
    a compound of high molecular weight
  10. Pontificate
    speak pompously
  11. Porringer
    soup plate
  12. Posterity
    succeeding generations
  13. Poultice
    a soft moist mass applied to the body for medical purposes
  14. Pragmatic
    concerned with practical values
  15. Precarious
  16. Precipitous
    steep like a precipice
  17. Preclude
    make impossible
  18. Precocious
    advanced in development
  19. Precursor
    Predecessor, forerunner
  20. Predatory
    pertaining to plundering
  21. Predilection
    preference, liking
  22. Preeminent
    most outstanding
  23. Premeditation
    the act of meditating beforehand, previous deliberation
  24. Preposterous
    very absurd
  25. Preragative
    exclusive privilege or right
  26. Preternatural
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