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  1. What is the minimum RVR in order to make a visual approach?
    800 meters.
  2. Before a Captain makes the decision to depart to a destination where the forecast is to have LVP's in force. Consideration must be given to:
    • Met
    • Departure airfield Take Off minima.
    • Suitable Take Off alternate.
    • Destination alternates.
  3. What alternates are required when planning to travel to a destination forecast to have LVP's in force?
    2 alternates needed at least 1 of which must be better than CAT1.
  4. What experience must new captains on type have before CAT2 and CAT3 qualified?
    50 hours or 20 sectors.
  5. Are there any restrictions on new captains minima when LVP's are in force?
    • YES
    • An additional 100ft Rad Alt until 100hours or 40 sectors.
    • (Unless previously LVO qualified)
  6. What is the minimum RVR for take off?
    • 125 meters for Captains.
    • 400 meters for First Officers.
    • 90 meters visual segment. 6 runway centre lights spaced @ 15 meters.
  7. What are the minimum RVR's required for landing?
    • 200m - 125m - 75m.
    • (125m is required in the final third if needed as part of the landing distance)

  8. Once an approach has been commenced. Can it be continued if RVR's fall below minimums?

    The approach may be continued to 1000ft AAL before making a missed approach if the minimums are not met.
  9. What should happen if ILS deviation occurs on the approach?
    If it occurs below 200ft Rad Alt or is persistent above 200ft, a missed approach must initiated.
  10. What if a pilot becomes incapacitated?
    Continue to land as long as controls are not obstructed?
  11. What must the captain ascertain prior to departure?
    • Has the destination been certified?
    • Is the crew qualified?
    • Is the aircraft certified?
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