05 Nephilim, Incubi, Succubi

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  1. How did St. Clement of Alexandria interpret the "sons of God" in Gn 6:1-4?
    He interprets them as "the angels who forsook the beauty of God for perishable beauty and fell as far as heaven is from earth." By this interpretation, some fallen or falling angels had sexual intercourse with women, resulting in a race of giants known as “Nephilim.”
  2. How did St. Augustine interpret the "sons of God" in Gn 6:1-4?
    St. Augustine reads “sons of God” as human beings who descended from the line of Seth, rather than from the line of wicked Cain.
  3. How can we translate "Nephilim"?
  4. What does the book of Enoch teach about Nephilim?
    It teaches that the Nephilim were the offspring of mating between angels and men.
  5. Why must we be aware of the book of Enoch?
    It's an apocryphal coming from uncertain and untrustworthy origins. It is left out of the canon of Scripture for good reasons.
  6. What were the Incubi thought to be?
    Incubi were thought to be demons who had sexual relations with women, sometimes producing a child by the woman. [in woman]
  7. What were the Succubi thought to be?
    Succubi were demons though to have intercourse with men. [Suc men]
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