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  1. Androgen
    male substance
  2. balanitis
    inflammation of the penis
  3. cryogenic surgery
    surgery using cold to destroy
  4. cryptorchidism
    condition of hidden testicles
  5. epididymitis
    inflammation of the epididymis
  6. gonorrhea
    seed discharge
  7. hydrocele
    sac or clear fluid in the scrotum
  8. orchiectomy
    excision of the testicles
  9. orchitis
    inflammation of the testis
  10. penile
    pertaining to the penis
  11. procstatitis
    inflammation of the prostate gland
  12. prostatectomy
    excision of the prostate gland
  13. spermolytic
    destroying spermatozoa
  14. oligospermia
    condition of scanty semen
  15. aspermia
    lack of semen
  16. teratoma
    tumor occuring in testis
  17. testicular
    pertaining to testis
  18. varicocele
    hernia of veins, enlarged veins above testis
  19. vasectomy
    excision of the the vas deferens
  20. azoospermia
    lack of spermatoza in the semen
  21. spermatogenesis
    formation of spermatoza
  22. testosterone
    hormone of the testis
  23. orchiopexy
    put testis in place
  24. vasovasotomy
    new opening between the vas deferens
  25. angiogram
    record of the vessel
  26. angioplasty
    surgical repair of vessel
  27. aortic stenosis
    tighenting of aorta
  28. ateriosclerosis
    hardening artery
  29. arteriography
    process of recording the artery
  30. endarterectomy
    excision within the artery
  31. atheroma
    mass of fatty substance
  32. atherosclerosis
    hardening due to yellowish plaque
  33. atherectomy
    excision of yellowish plaque or fatty substance
  34. atrial
    pertaining to the atrium
  35. atrioventricular
    ventricle of the atrium
  36. brachial artery
    pertaining to the arm artery
  37. cardiomegaly
    enlarged heart
  38. cardiomyopathy
    disease of the heart muscle
  39. bradycardia
    slow heart < 60 BPM
  40. tachycardia
    fast heart > 100BPM
  41. cardiogenic shock
    shock produced by heart
  42. hypercholesteroloemia
    excessive cholestrol in the blood
  43. coronary arteries
    pertaining to heart arteries
  44. cyanosis
    condition of bluish skin
  45. myxoma
    mucus tumor
  46. hypoxia
    deficient oxygen
  47. pericardiocentesis
    surgical procedure to remove fluid from pericardium
  48. phlebotomy
    cutting of vein
  49. thrombophlebitis
    inflammation of vein by clot
  50. arrhythmia
    condition against rhythm
  51. thrombolysis
    breakdown of a clot
  52. valvuloplasty
    surgical repair of valve
  53. mitral valvulitis
    inflammation of mitral valve
  54. valvotomy
    cutting of valve
  55. vasoconstriction
    tightening or narrowing valve
  56. vasodilation
    dilation of valve
  57. vascular
    pertaining ot vessel
  58. venous
    pertaining to vein
  59. venipuncture
    puncture of vein
  60. interventricular septum
    b/w lower heart chamber and septum
  61. adenoidectomy
    excision of the adenoids
  62. adenoid hypertrophy
    excessive development of adenoids
  63. alveolar
    pertaining to alveolus
  64. bronchospasm
    tightening or contraction of the broncho
  65. bronchiectasis
    dialation of the bronchus
  66. bronchodilator
    drug that dilates or enlarges the bronchus
  67. bronchopleural
    pertaining to the bronchus tube of pleura
  68. bronchiolitis
    inflammation of the bronchiole
  69. hypercapnia
    excessive carbon dioxide
  70. pneumoconiosis
    abnormal condition of dust in the lung
  71. cyanosis
    abnormal condition of being blue
  72. epiglottitis
    inflammation of the epiglottis
  73. laryngeal
    pertaining to the larynx
  74. laryngospasm
    contraction of the larynx
  75. laryngitis
    inflammation of the larynx
  76. lobectomy
    excision of the lobe of the lung
  77. mediastinoscopy
    visual examination of the mediastinum
  78. paranasal sinuses
    sinuses pertaining to the nose
  79. orthopnea
    upright breathing
  80. hypoxia
    pertaining to deficient oxygen
  81. pharyngeal
    pertaining to the pharynx
  82. dysphonia
    pertaining to painful voice
  83. phrenic nerve
    pertaining to nerve in diaphragm
  84. pleurodynia
    pain in the pleura - related to breathing
  85. pleural effusion
    escape of fluid from the pleura
  86. pneumothorax
    air in the chest
  87. pneumonectomy
    excision of the lung
  88. pulmonary
    pertaining to the lung
  89. rhinoplasty
    surgical repair of the nose
  90. rhinorrhea
    nose discharge
  91. sinusitis
    inflammation of the sinus
  92. spriometer
    measures breathing
  93. atelectasis
    incomplete expansion of the lung
  94. thoracotomy
    incision into the chest
  95. thoracic
    pertaining to the chest
  96. tonsillectomy
    excision of the tonsils
  97. tracheotomy
    incision into the trachea
  98. tracheal stenosis
    pertaining to the windpipe tightening
  99. empyema
    collection of pus in pleural cavity
  100. anosmia
    without smell
  101. apnea
    without breathing
  102. dyspnea
    difficult breathing
  103. hyperpnea
    excessive breathing
  104. tachypnea
    fast breathing
  105. hemoptysis
    spitting blood
  106. asphyxia
    without pulse
  107. hemothorax
    blood in the chest
  108. pyothorax
    pus in the chest
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