What I Learned 9

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  1. Chi1 le
    Yes I have eaten. 吃了
  2. Wo3 hui2 jia1
    I'm going home 我回家
  3. Dui4 (a)
    Right (Yes) 对啊
  4. Jie4 guo4
    Excuse me (passing by) 借过
  5. Mei2 wen4 ti2
    No problem 没问题
  6. Bang1 mang2
    Please.... (do me a favor) 帮忙
  7. Mei2 shen2 me
    Its nothing. (nevermind) 没什么
  8. wo3 de
    my/mine 我的
  9. peng2 you men
    friends 朋友们
  10. Ni3 shi4 ... ma
    Are you (name)? 你是Daniel吗
  11. You3
    Yes. (Have) 有
  12. Ming2 tian1 wo3 men qu4 na4 bian1 ma
    Are we going there tomorrow? 明天我们去那边吗
  13. Bu2 qu4
    No (Don't go) 不去
  14. en4
    yes (grunting simple yes or oh during conversation) 嗯
  15. Bu2 yong4 ke4 qi
    You're welcome (impolite, please don't thank me) 不用客气
  16. ni3 men
    you (all) 你们
  17. ta1 men de
    their/theirs (multiple people) 他们的
  18. ta1 ren2
    others/other people/someone else 他人
  19. Mei2 you3
    No. (not have) 没有
  20. Qu4
    Yes (Go) 去
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