What I Learned 10

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  1. Ni qu4 nar3
    Where are you going? 你去哪儿
  2. na3 li
    Where are you going? (Where?) 哪里
  3. Ni3 gan4 shen2 me qu4
    Where are you going? (as in doing, same as gan4 ma2) 你干什么去
  4. Wo3 hui2 qu4
    I'm going back home 我回去
  5. Wo3 qu4 chi1 fan4
    I'm going to eat 我去吃饭
  6. Wo3 (qu4) mai3 dong1 xi
    I'm going shopping 我去买东西
  7. Ni3 zao3
    Good morning 你早
  8. Qing3 wen4
    Excuse me, I have a question 请问
  9. Ni3 gan4 sha2 qu4
    Where are you going? (as in do what?) 你干啥去
  10. Ma2 fan ni3 le
    Excuse me (interrupting or bothering you) 麻烦你了
  11. Ni3 shou1 ba
    Go ahead and speak 你说吧
  12. Neng2 bang1 wo3 ma
    Can you help me? 能帮我吗
  13. Hao3 de
    OK (good) 好的
  14. Qing3
    Please... 请
  15. Xie4 xie ni3 de bang1 zhu4
    Thanks for your help 谢谢你的帮助
  16. Da3 rao3 ni3 le
    Excuse me. (Interrupting/disturbing) 打扰你了
  17. ni3 de
    your/yours 你的
  18. wo3 men de
    our/ours 我们的
  19. ni3 men de
    your/yours (multiple people) 你们的
  20. xue2 shen men
    students 学生们
  21. bie2 ren2
    others/other people (other person) 别人
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