Anatomy Quiz 6

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  1. The pia mater continues beyond the inferior end of the spinal cord as a thin cord-like structure called?
    filum terminale
  2. __________ receives axons od sensory neurons
    dorsal horn
  3. ____________ contains cell bodies of motor neurons that supply the skeletal muscles of the body
    ventral horn
  4. Conical tapered terminal end of the spinal cord
    conus medullaris
  5. Dorsal root carries only entering ______ axons
    sensory (afferent)
  6. Ventral root carries only _______ axons
    motor (efferent)
  7. The collection of descending spinal nerves located inferior to the conus medullaris within the vertebral column
    cauda equina
  8. Descending motor system that runds from cerebral cortex to spinal cord and provides fine and skilled motor control of the body
    Lateral Corticospinal Pathway
  9. Neuron cell bodies located in primary motor cortex and descend through the brain
    upper motor neurons
  10. Neuron cell bodies locared in ventral horn of spinal cord, and exit spinal cord to travel to their target muscle
    lower motor neurons (efferent neurons)
  11. Distorted map for motor control of the body
    motor homunculus
  12. Means providing motor control for the opposite side of the body
  13. Means providing motor control for the same side of the body
  14. White matter pathway that connects cerebrum to midbrain of brain stem
    cerebral peduncle
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