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  1. The illustrations in the Psalter of Saint Louis seem to have been influenced by what?
    stained glass
  2. Who is the God of Spring and renewed vegetation?
    Xipe Totec
  3. The Very Rich Hours of the Duke of Berry is considered the "pinacle of ________" ?
    manuscript illustration
  4. Who defined the flapper era?
    John Held Jr.
  5. What was made for Princess Anicia Julianna in Italy in the 1st century?
    De Materia Medica
  6. Who was the greatest charicaturist of his time?
    William Hogarth
  7. What is the most illustrated of all Greek manuscripts?
    the Sacra Parallela of Saint John of Damascus
  8. De Materia Medica was a __________ encyclopedia.
  9. What is Harrison Cady best known for?
    his Peter Rabbit comic strip
  10. The Book of Kells is written in what language?
  11. The Book of Kells is from what time period?
    Early Medieval
  12. The Lindau Gospels are from what period?
    Ottonian period (9th century)
  13. How long was Harrison Cady's career span?
    70 years
  14. Who was the preeminent American commercial artist?
    J.C. Leyendecker
  15. From what psalter is the illuminated manuscript "Hellmouth" from?
    Winchester Psalter
  16. William Blake developed his own style of ______ .
  17. Who created the Kewpie dolls?
    Rose O'Neill
  18. Who wrote the English work, "The Canterbury Tales?"
    Geoffrey Chaucer
  19. Who was the first English printer?
    William Caxton
  20. When was The Canterbury Tales printed?
  21. The Canterbury Tales was who's 1st major printed volume?
    William Caxton
  22. Who is considered the best English illustrator of the 19th century?
    Walter Crane
  23. Rebecca at the Well is from ______ .
    The Book of Genesis
  24. Who illustrated "Betrayal and Arrest of Christ" and "David Before Saul."?
    Jean Pucelle
  25. Randolph Caldecott had a strong artistic connection with which famous book author?
    Washington Irving
  26. Who created the Gibson Girls?
    Charles Dana Gibson
  27. What is the earliest known work that deals with English history?
    the Worchester Chronicle (1140 AD)
  28. Who published his first cartoon in Harper's Bazaar in 1880?
    Edward W. Kemble
  29. The Khludov Psalter was intended for use in the ______ .
    Hagia Sophia
  30. The Codex Borbonicus is an example of a ________ calendar.
  31. Who was Charles Parson?
    an art editor at Harper's magazine in NY
  32. What was the first printing of the bible in moveable type?
    The Gutenberg Bible (1456)
  33. The Lindau Gospels are an example of ___________ propaganda.
  34. "_______" is the oldest surviving treatus on birds.
    (Italian, 1st century)
    Plate of 24 Birds
  35. Xipe Totec is from what culture?
    the Aztecs
  36. The Nuremberg World Chronicle has over how many illustrations?
    1,800 illustrations
  37. The Nuremberg World Chronicle was written by who?
    Hartman Schedel
  38. Who illustrated The Prayer Book of Phillip the Fair?
    Master Honore
  39. Who invented the power press?
    Isaac Adams
  40. What is the technique of printing that uses varying sizes and colors of dots?
    the half-tone process
  41. How many volumes does the Book of Kells have?
  42. Who did "The Prison Series?"
    Giovanni Piranesi
  43. The Prison Series were doing using what method?
    copper plate etching
  44. When was the Prison Series published?
  45. William Blake's prints were all printed in one tone, then colored in after. What process is this?
    relief etching process
  46. Who is a self-taught illustrator who is considered to be the first true American illustrator of the American spirit?
    Felix Carr Darley
  47. Who created the personification of the ideal woman image?
    Charles Dana Gibson
  48. Who is the most celebrated of all Civil War illustrators?
    Winslow Homer
  49. Some of the oldest literary illustrations are of Euripides, on papyrus.. and date back from the ____ century.
  50. Who published the first illustrated books in France?
    William Koenig
  51. Who was the Father of wood engraving in America?
    Alexander Anderson
  52. What style did Toulouse-Latrec use?
  53. The Paris Psalter has how many full-page illustrations?
  54. What is the oldest existing complete illustrated gospel book from Ireland?
    The Gospel Book of Durrow
  55. What uses the grisaille technique, and is considered to be one of the most magnificent surviving manuscripts?
    The Joshua Roll
  56. The Joshua Roll is from what time period?
    Early Byzantine (10th cen)
  57. The Vatican Vergil is from the _______ century.
    4-5 century
  58. When was The Dance of Death series printed?
  59. Who was the first American woman cartoonist?
    Rose O'Neill
  60. Who "defined the American man"?
    J. C. Leyendecker
  61. True illustration must be ___________ .
    tied to a text.
  62. The Hypnerotomachia Polipili dates from ______ .
  63. Who is believe to have illustrated the Hypnerotomachia Polipili?
  64. When was the Art Nouvea era?
  65. The Art Nouveau era was in response to the ____________ .
    Industrial Revolution
  66. Illustration is for ______ production.
  67. Which artist had a sketchbook filled with figure drawings, architectural plans and mechanical devices?
    Villard de Honnecourt
  68. Who is the Father of American illustration?
    Howard Pyle
  69. Rebecca at the Well is an example of a _______ narrative.
  70. De Materia Medica was done by who?
    Pedanius Dioscorides
  71. The earliest illustrated papyrus scroll (1980 BC) was made for a ________ .
  72. Who did "Young Man Frightened By Snakes?"
    Nicander of Colophon
  73. "Young Man Frightened By Snakes" is from what time period?
    Early Byzantine
  74. Which artist might have helped illustrate the Nuremberg World Chronicle?
    Albrecht Durer
  75. Where was the Windmill Psalter published?
  76. What is considered to be the "most valuable work?"
    The Book of Kells
  77. The Book of Kells dates from when?
    8-9th century
  78. Who came up with the half-tone process?
    William Fox Talbot
  79. Most prayer books and book of hours were dedicated to whom?
    Mary, the Virgin
  80. Who helped finishing the Duke's Book of Hours after the Limbourg Brothers died?
    Jean Colombe
  81. What is Randolph Caldecott best known for?
    children's picture books
  82. "February" from The Very Rich Hours of the Duke of Berry illustrates the earliest __________ .
    snow scene
  83. What is considered to be the greatest publication of the 15th century?
    The Nuremberg World Chronicle
  84. Who is the Dean of Western Illustration?
    George Catlin
  85. Which book is the most circulated of all "block books"?
    Ars Moriendi ("The Art of Dying")
  86. Page with Initial Q is from a psalter from a ________ nunnery.
  87. Page with Initial Q just might be the first ever _________ .
    self portrait
  88. Who was one of the greatest book publishers of the 16th-17th centuries?
    Johannes Theodorus de Bry
  89. Some of Durer's first series of woodcuts were in what series of satirical prints?
  90. Which Gothic cathedral is shown in the image "Joshua Bidding the Sun to Stand Still" -- from the Psalter of Saint Louis IX ?
    San Chapel
  91. Who were considered to be the best American illustrators of the 20th century?
    The Leyendeckers
  92. What publisher reawakened the ideals of book design?
    Kelm Scott Books
  93. Who did the illustrations in Fables, showing animals doing human things?
    Jean Baptiste
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