Ch.36 People

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  1. Franklin D. Roosevelt
    Former New York governor who roused the nation to action against the depression with his appeal to the "forgotten man"
  2. Eleanor Roosevelt
    Presidential wife who became an effective lobbyist for the poor during the New Deal
  3. Banking Holiday
    FDR-declared closing of all U.S. financial institutions on March 6-10, 1933, in order to stop panic and prepare reforms
  4. Harry Hopkins
    Former New York social worker who became an influential FDR adviser and head of several New Deal agencies
  5. Father Coughlin
    The "microphone messiah" o f Michigan whose mass radio appeals turned anti-New Deal and anti-semitic
  6. Huey ("Kingfish") Long
    Louisiana senator and popular mass agitator who promised to make "every man a king" at the expense of the wealthy
  7. Schechter Case
    Supreme Court ruling of 1935 that struck down a major New Deal industry-and labor agency
  8. Harold Ickes
    Former Bull Moose progressive who spent billions of federal dollars on public building projects while carefully guarding against waste
  9. John Steinbeck
    Writer whose best-selling novel portrayed the suffering of dust bowl "Okies" in the thirties
  10. John L. Lewis
    Domineering boss of the mine workers' union who launched the CIO
  11. General Motors sit-down strike
    Dramatic CIO labor action in 1936 that forced the auto industry to recognize unions
  12. Alfred M. Landon
    Republican who carried only two states in a futile campaign against "The Champ" (FDR) in 1936
  13. Election of 1936
    Lopsided but bitter campaign that saw disadvantaged economic groups lined up in a kind of "class warfare" against those better off
  14. John Maynard Keynes
    British economist whose theories helped justify New Deal deficit spending
  15. Owen Roberts
    Supreme Court justice whose "switch in time" to support New Deal legislation helped undercut FDR's court-packing scheme
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