Med Chem

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  1. Quinine
  2. Quinidine
    antiarrhythmic agent
  3. Vinblastine
  4. Atropine
    anticholinergic agents, a Belladonna alkaloid
  5. Digitoxin
    inotropic agent, strengthens heart muscle contractions
  6. Paclitaxel - Taxol®
  7. Etoposide
  8. Acetyl salicyclic acid
  9. Sodium heparin
  10. Sorbitol
    food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical (sweetening)
  11. Mannitol – Osmitrol®
    osmotic diuretic that increases the osmotic gradient in the kidney
  12. Dextrose USP
    fluid and nutrient replenisher
  13. Calcium gluconate USP
    calcium replenisher
  14. Ferrous gluconate
    iron supplement
  15. D-Glucuronic acid
    useful in certain arthritic conditioners
  16. Fructose USP
    fluid replenisher and nutrient
  17. Lactose NF
    pharmaceutical aid used for tablet and capsule diluent (milk sugar)
  18. Sucrose NF
    pharmaceutical aid for sweetening and tablet excipient
  19. Dextrins
    extensively used as carbohydrate sources in infant and adult invalid formulas
  20. Maltose
    extensively used as carbohydrate sources in infant and adult invalid formulas
  21. Xylose USP
    used as a diagnostic test to test intestinal capacity to detect celiac disease
  22. Starch NF
    tablet excipient
  23. Purified cotton
    surgical aid
  24. Microcrystalline cellulose NF
    tablet diluent
  25. Powdered cellulose NF
    tablet diluent, adsorbent, suspending agent
  26. Methyl cellulose USP
    suspending agent, tablet excipient, viscosity increasing agent, bulk laxatives, thicken agent
  27. Ethyl cellulose NF
    tablet binder
  28. Hydroypropylcellulose USP
    suspending agent, tablet excipient, viscosity increasing agent; ophthalmic solution USP – topical protectant
  29. Oxidized cellulose – Oxycel®
    local hemostatic to control hemorrhage
  30. Carboxymethylcellulose sodium USP
    suspending agent, tablet excipient, viscosity increasing agent; tablets USP – cathartic; an emollient-type bulk laxative with excellent lubricating properties
  31. Pyroxylin USP
    various coating purposes; used to produce Collodion USP; also called soluble gun cotton
  32. Cellulose acetate phthalate NF
    tablet-coating agent
  33. Acarbose – Precose®
    inhibits enzymes responsible for the hydrolysis of dextrin carbohydrates in the intestinal tract thereby delaying their digestion, used in the adjunct treatment of diabetes mellitus
  34. Tretinoin—Retin-A®
    topical treatment for acne. USE SUNSCREEN
  35. Isotretinoins – Accutane®
    serve acne as capsule dosage
  36. Etretinate – Tegison®
    severe recalcitrant psoriasis as capsule dosage
  37. Ergocalciferol – Calciferol®, Drisdol®
    analog product of Vitamin D2
  38. Cholecalciferol – Delta D®
    analog product of Vitamin D3
  39. Dihydrotachysterol – DHT®
    analog product of Vitamin D3

  40. Calcifediol – Calderol®
    use for patients that are receiving long-term renal dialysis. Vitamin D3
  41. Calcitriol – Rocaltrol®, Calcijex®
    used for patients receiving long-term renal dialysis or patients that cannot properly metabolize Vitamin D2. Does not need metabolic activation. Vitamin D3
  42. Calcipotriene – Dovonex®
    moderate plaque psoriasis. 100-200 times less effect on calcium metabolism.
  43. Phytonadione – Mephyton®, AquaMephyton®
    systemic hemostatic
  44. Folic Acid – Folvite®
    to treat or prevent vitamin B deficiency
  45. Leucovorin Calcium – Wellcovorin®
    only in chemotherapy concurrently with methotrexate. Also drug overdosage
  46. Morphine
    Narcotic Analgesic
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