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  1. definition
    dental selants are highly effecive dental caries preventive material made of a resin
  2. indications
    • -on teeth with deep pits and fissures, primary and permanent molars
    • -in patients with number of occlusal caries
    • -preventive treatment along with flouride treatment
  3. contra indications
    • -on well coalesced (fused) teeth (pits and fissure are shallow or non-existent)
    • -in teeth with large, overt dental caries
  4. types of selants-there is wide variety of selants available.dental sealants can be divided as follows:
    • 1.Method of polimerization
    • -self-cured (mechanically cured or auto-polimerization)
    • -light cured
    • 2.color
    • -clear
    • -tinted
    • -opaque(white)
    • 3.fillers
    • -filled resins
    • -unfilled resins
    • 4.flouride releasing
  5. equipment and supplies
    • 1.basic set-up
    • 2.slow-speed dental hand piece
    • 3.prophy brush and cup
    • 4. HVE, saliva ejector, air-water syringe tip
    • 5. dappen dish
    • 6.pumice and water
    • 7.cotton rolls and dental dam set up
    • 8.selant material: self-cured and light-cured
    • 9.curing light with shield (for light-cured selant)
    • 10.etching gel
    • 11.protective eye wear for patient
    • 12.aplicator brush and tip
    • 13.articulating paper
    • 14.round bur
  6. prodedural steps
    • 1.place dental Dam or cotton rolls
    • 2.clean the surface of the teeth
    • 3.rinse and dry
    • 4.place etchant
    • 5.rinse with water
    • 6.if using cotton rolls,carefully replace them
    • 7. dry the teeth
    • 8.apply selant
    • 9.cured with the require length of time
    • 10. check with explorer
    • 11.remove dental dam or cotton rolls and rinse
    • 12.check occlusion
    • 13.document in chart
  7. the application of pit and fissure selants is technique sensitive. True
    • always take the following into consideration:
    • moisture control
    • isolation
    • tooth sufficiently erupted
    • proper etching
    • no contamination

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