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  1. Gusto
    To like/To want/To want to do something
  2. Gusto ko ng...
    I want...
  3. Gusto ko ng tinabay
    I want bread
  4. Gusto ko ng kanin
    I want rice
  5. Gusto ko ng tubig
    I want water
  6. Gusto ko ng kiss
    I want a kiss
  7. Gusto kong...
    I want to...
  8. Gusto kong mag-tenis
    I want to play tennis
  9. Gusto kong mag-aral
    I want to study
  10. Gusto kong mg-shopping
    I want to go shopping
  11. Gusto kong maglaro
    I want to play
  12. Gusto kong mamatay
    I want to die
  13. Gusto kong malaman
    I want to know
  14. Gusto Kong malaman kung ano ito
    I want to know what this is
  15. (noun) Gusto
    A crush
  16. Gusto kita
    I like you
  17. Gusto mo ba ako?
    Do you like me?
  18. Gusto ko siya
    I like him/her
  19. Gusto ko ang ate mo
    I like your older sister
  20. Gusto rin kita
    I like you too
  21. Gusto ko ang kaibigan mo
    I like your friend
  22. May gusto ako sa ito
    I have a crush on you
  23. May gusto ka sa akin, no?
    You have a crush on me, don't you?
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