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  1. What are the types of Communication
    • Radio
    • Verbal
    • Interpersonal
  2. What are the types of Radio Communications
    • Base
    • Mobile
    • Portable
    • Repeaters
    • Cell
  3. Mobile Radio Specs?
    Lower transmission levels 20-50 watts and 10-15 mile range
  4. Portable Radio Range
    1-5 Miles
  5. Repeaters do what?
    Re-Transmit signals at a higher power
  6. Who assigns radio frequencies to agency's
  7. What are the parts of the Medical Radio Report
    • Unit ID/Level
    • ETA
    • Age/Sex
    • CC
    • HPI
    • PMH
    • Mental Status
    • BVS
    • Pertinent Findings
    • Care Provided
    • Response to Care Provided
  8. What should you include on your Verbal report to ER staff?
    • CC
    • History not past along
    • Additional Treatments
    • Additional Vitals
  9. What does CHART stand for?
    • CC
    • HPI
    • Assessment
    • Rx (Treatment)
    • Transport
  10. Who gets a PCR?
    Every patient you have contact with
  11. What are the elements of a PCR?
    • Data
    • Run Data
    • Patient Data
    • Check Boxes
    • Narrative
  12. What are included in the Data Elements?
    • Patient Info
    • CC
    • LOC
    • Systolic (>3yr)
    • Cap Refill (<6yr)
    • Skin Color and Temp
    • Pulse/Respiratory
  13. What are the elements of the Run Data
    • Agency Name and Unit
    • Crew Memebers and EMT #
    • Call number and Times
  14. What is Ommission?
    When something is purposely left out of a report
  15. What is Commission?
    When you do something that was wrong or improper
  16. When correcting a report while you are writing it how should it be done?
    A single line through item with your initials and put correct info next to it
  17. How should you correct info on a report you have already written?
    Different color ink put a single line through it, initial and date it and add note with correct info
  18. With a DOA do you need to do an assessment still?
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