business 100 chapter 6 part 1

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  1. management
    the process of coordinating people and other resources to achieve the goals of an organization
  2. material resources
    the tangible, physical resources an organization uses
  3. financial resources
    the funds an organization uses to meet its obligations to investors and creditors
  4. human resources
  5. planning
    establishing organizational goals and deciding how to acomplish them
  6. mission
    a statement of the basic purpose that makes an organization different from others
  7. strategic planning
    the process of establishing an organizations major goals and objectives allocating the resources to achieve them
  8. goal
    an end result that an organization is expected to achieve over a one-to ten-year period
  9. objective
    a specific statement detailing what an organization intends to acomplish over a short period of time
  10. tactic plan
    a smaller-scale plan developed to implement a strategy
  11. operational plan
    a type of plan designed to implement tactical plans
  12. contingency plan
    a plan that outlines alternative courses of action that may be taken if an organization's other plans are disrupted or become ineffective
  13. organizing
    the group of resources and activites to acomplish some end result in an efficent and effective manner
  14. leading
    the process of influencing people to work toward a common goal
  15. motivating
    the process of providing reasons for people to work in the best interests of an organization
  16. directing
    the combined processes of leading and motivating
  17. controlling
    the process of evaluating and regulating ongoing activites to ensure that goals are achieved
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business 100 chapter 6 part 1
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