Math terms

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  1. Sum
    an answer to an addition problem

    2 + 2 = 4-sum
  2. Quotient
    an answer to a division problem

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  3. Product
    an answer to a multiplication problem

    6 x 2 = 12-product
  4. Difference
    an answer to a subtraction problem

    6 - 3 = 3-difference
  5. Translation
    a slide

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  6. Reflection
    a flip

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  7. Rotation
    a turn

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  8. Right angle
    a 90o degree angle

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  9. Obtuse angle
    an angle greater than 90o

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  10. Acute angle
    an angle less than 90o

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  11. Straight angle
    an agle that is 180o

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  12. Right triangle
    a triangle with 1 90o angle

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  13. Acute triangle
    a triangle with 3 angles less than 90o

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  14. Obtuse triangle
    a triangle with 1 angle greater than 90o

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  15. Equilateral triangle
    a triangle with three equal

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  16. Isosceles triangle
    a triangle with 2 equal sides

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  17. Scalene triangle
    a triangle with no equal sides

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  18. Probability
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  19. Area of rectangles
    A = L x W
  20. Area of triangles
    A = 1/2 B x H
  21. Perimeter
    P = add all the sides
  22. Coordinates and Coordinate plane
    over then up
  23. Division (3 types) 24 divided by 5
    4 R4

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