Outback Favorites

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  1. Baby Back Ribs
    • RIBS
    • A full or half rack of baby back pork ribs seasoned, smoked and woodfire grilled. Brushed with BBQ sauce and served with a side of Aussie Fries.
  2. Alice Springs Chicken
    • ALICE
    • An 8 oz woodfire grilled chicken breast smothered in honey mustard, bacon, spicy mushrooms, and monterey jack and cheddar cheese. Served with a side of honey mustard and aussie fries.
  3. Grilled Chicken on the Barbie
    • A fresh 8 oz woodfire grilled chicken breast served with a side of BBQ sauce and seasonal mixed veggies.
  4. No Rules Parmesan Pasta
    • NR PASTA
    • Fettuccine Alfredo with a Parmesan cream sauce. May be served with an 8 oz woodfire grilled chicken, 8 seared scallops, or 8 woodfire grilled shrimp (combos- pick two: 5-oz woodfire grilled chicken breast, 5 woodfire grilled shrimp, 4 seared scallops)
  5. Sweet Glaze Roasted Pork Tenderloin
    • Sliced, slow-roasted prok tenderloin drizzled with a sweet and spicy apricot-chilli glaze. Served with garlic mashed potatoes and fresh steamed French Green Beans
  6. Wood-Fire Grilled Pork Chop
    • PORK 8 OZ
    • An 8 oz bone-in prok chop cooked on the woodfire grill served with our creole marmalade sauce. Served with fresh steamed french beans and garlic mashed potatoes. *must get temperature
  7. New Zealand Rack of Lamb
    • RACK
    • 10-12 oz lamb chops served with cabernet sauce, imported from New Zealand, seasoned and seared on the grill. Served with garlic mashed potatoes and fresh steamed veggies. Mint jelly served upon request.
  8. Filet with Wild Mushroom Sauce
    • A 5oz grilled, petite filet, coocked medium, topped with Marsala wine and wild mushroom sauce.
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