driving test

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  1. What does the blue and white signs mean?
    they provide directions to rest areas, hospitls...
  2. what do the green and white signs mean?
    distance and guidance
  3. How can you get +2 points on your licence?
    taking a driving course
  4. Name how you could get a 4 point violation
    willful or wanton disregard of the saftey...
  5. What is the speed limit when passing a school.
    20 mph
  6. You must stop when. . (6 diffrent awnsers)
    Behind a stop line ir crosswalk, stop light,...
  7. Name 3 ways you could have a 6- point violation.
    homicide by vehicle, racing, failure to stop...
  8. name a few ways how you can get a 2- point...
    speeding or you are not registerd
  9. What is the speed limit throughout all highways?
    60-65 mph
  10. What is the speed limit throughout all state routes and outside business?
    35 mph
  11. What vehicals must stop before crossing a railroad? (there are 3)
    1. motor vehicals carrying passengers for hire.2.all school busses.3.vehicals carrying material
  12. drive on the right side of the road except when:
    overtaking or passing driving on a road with 3 or more marked lanes driving on a one way street police officer tells you not to an obstruction makes it necessary to drive left of center (always yield to traffic traveling in the correct direction)
  13. when driving on a road with 2 or more lanes going in the same direction the following applies:
    -you must drive as closely as possible within a single lane, do not move from lane until you are sure such movement can be made safely and you have put on the turn signal - when on a 3 lane road do not drive in the center lane unless it is exclusively for traffic moving in the same direction you are moving in
  14. what do you do when an emergency vehicle is approaching
    you must drive to a position parallel to the right edge or curb of the road and stop do not block intersections remain in this position until the vehicle has passed
  15. what do you do when an emergency vehicle is stopped alongside of the road
    reduce your speed when possible change lanes to pass the emergency vehicle in a lane that is not adjacent to where the emergency vehicle is stopped
  16. when are you allowed to occupy a dividing or barrier space on a highway
    when used for an emergency stop or when direction by a police officer
  17. what do you do when you turn right
    signal and turn a close as possible to the right hand curb or edge of the road
  18. when should you singal your intent to turn
    at least 100 feet before the intended turn
  19. a drive must stop:
    behind the stop line or crosswalk at any stop sign or traffic light before making a right or left turn on red @ a flashing red traffic signal yielding to all traffic with the right of way at a sidewalk or crosswalk yielding to pedestrians before entering an intersection if there is not sufficient space for the vehicle at the approach of a public safety vehicle
  20. when a school bus it stopped on a roadway to pick up or drop off children the following regulations apply to other drivers:
    when a school bus activates yellow light you do not need to stop but be prepared to when flashing red lights come on you must stop on a road with less then four lanes all drivers must stop on a road with 4 or more lanes only those going in the same direction as the school bus must stop
  21. how do you know how far to put in between you and the car ahead of you
    one car length for every 10 miles per hour OR use the 3 second rule
  22. a drive must yield the right of way:
    when there is a yield sign when crossing or entering a highway by a smaller/ less traveled road to a vehicle approaching from the right on a similar road to a pedestrian at a marked crosswalk or intersection on the approach of a public safety vehicle funeral processions to oncoming traffic when making a L turn AND to traffic approaching before making a R turn on red
  23. passing is not permitted under the following circumstances
    when approaching the crest of a grad or curve where the drivers view is obstructed within 100 feet of a bridge or tunnel where the drivers view is obstructed within 100 feet of an intersection within 100 feet of a RR crossing
  24. when passing to the left the law requires that the driver overtaking the vehicle do these things:
    sound the horn to warn the driver they are about to be overtaken signal the intent to pass pass to the left of the vehicle at a safe distance and return to the right obly after you are safely clear return to the R as soon as safely clear and before coming within 200 feet of an oncoming vehicle
  25. you may only pass to the right when:
    the vehicle you are passing is making a right turn when there are 2 or more lanes of traffic moving in the same direction as the overtaking vehicle
  26. what speed do you go at in municipal areas
    25 miles per hour
  27. state routes within municipal areas outside of urban districst
    50 miles per hour
  28. when the gates go down you must do what and what does this mean?
    you have to stop no closer then 15 ft away and no farther then 50 feet because a train is coming
  29. where are you not allowed to park
    on a sidewalk in front of a driveway in an intersection withing 10 feet of a fire hydrant on a crosswalk within 20 ft of a crosswalk or intersection withing 30 ft of a flashing beacon, stop sign or traffic light, or traffic control signal between a safety zone and the curb within 50 feet of a RR crossing beside a vehicle parked along the curb on or in a bridge or tunnel within 1 foot of another parked vehicle where there are no parking signs or on a roadway of a higway, expressway, or thruway
  30. how many passengers are you allowed to carry when youre under 18
    as many as there are originally installed seat belts
  31. what is the fine for driver and front seat passenger
    30 for driver 20 for front seat passenger
  32. under 21 alcohol level
  33. points for speed limit under 55
    1-5 over no points 6-10 over 2 points 11-29 over 2 points 30+ over 4 points
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