Dental Vocab 1

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  1. Trifurcated
    • Having three roots. example - maxillary molars.
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  2. Cingulum
    The bulk of enamel on the cervical portion at the lingual of anteriors.

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  3. Cementum
    Thin bone-like covering on the root of the tooth.
  4. Interproximal
    Meaning between the teeth.
  5. Root
    2/3 height of the tooth; embedded in bone.
  6. Pulp
    The living portion of the tooth.
  7. Dentin
    Bulk of the tooth; covered by enamel.
  8. Degeneration
    Normal aging process of pulp.
  9. Pulp Chamber
    Hollow portion of the tooth; houses the pulp.
  10. Bifurcated
    • Having two roots. Example - mandibular molars.
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  11. Cementoblast
    Cells that form cementum; produced by the periodontal membrane.
  12. Vital
    Alive; pertaining to life.
  13. Sulcus
    V-shaped linear depression between the tooth and the free gingiva or on the occlusal surface.
  14. Contact Point
    Where the proximal surfaces touch.
  15. Odontoblast
    Cells that form dentin; produced by pulp.
  16. Periodontium
    Supporting structure of teeth; Alveolar process, Periodontal membrane, Gingiva.
  17. Enamel
    Hardest calcified structure in the body; covers the crown.
  18. Apex
    Tip of the root.
  19. Crown
    1/3 height of the tooth; visible portion of the tooth. Covered by enamel.
  20. Apical Foramen
    The opening located on the apex; passage way for blood vessels and nerves.
  21. Cervical
    Junction between the crown and the root.
  22. Ridge
    Area of alveolar bone that holds teeth.
  23. Trauma
    Mechanical or chemical injury.
  24. Tissue
    Mass of specialized cells that are similar in structure and function.
  25. Groove
    A linear channel or sulcus on the surface of a tooth.
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