Italian Midterm

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  1. Dio and Amor
    Dio - gives you the grace of being in love

    Amor- gives you both the torment (tormento) and joy (gioia) of being in love
  2. La Vita Nuova
    • - the new life
    • - Dante writes his first book on Beatrice and what happened when he first saw her/fell in love with her
  3. la purezza
  4. la feducia
    • - trust in god
    • (faith)
  5. Dolce Stil Novo
    • - "new sweet style"
    • - writing style of the poets
    • - focused on female beauty
    • - metaphors and double meanings
    • represents a divine love
    • - description of a woman that is delicate and musical
  6. la figura Christi
    • Christ-like figure
    • (Beatrice)
  7. incubo
  8. allegoria
    la presentazione del significato astratto o spirituale sotto le forme concrete o materiali, la narrativa simbolica

    allegory: the presetantion that signifies abstract or spirutal themes under the form of concrete or material things, a fictional piece with symbolism
  9. Anagogia
    forma della interpretazione delle scrittore sacre nella quale i fatti descritti sono spiegati come simbolo della realta' soprannaturali cui anima deve elevarsi

    an interpretation of sacred texts (bible) that is explained through the supernatural and how the soul must rise above it all (hell),
  10. anima
    soul, inner man, core, psyche
  11. una selva oscura
    dark/shadowed forest
  12. lucifero
    • Devil
    • - he created hell, not God, he fell and created a funnel, lightening involved?
  13. imbuto
  14. ira
  15. esilio

    • - Dante gets exiled for being on the guelfi bianchi (the people who supported more independence from the pope, less papal control)
    • - after he was exiled he identified more with the ghebellini (people against the Pope)
  16. La Commedia
    • - divine was added in the 16th century
    • - comedy in the sense of a tragedy
    • - more revered and respected
    • - stories that had a promising beginning and tragic end
    • - written in vernacular language, not in Latin
    • - **the question of an afterlife and the consquences of our lives on Earth
  17. holy trinity - 3 books of la commedia
    33 canto's in each inferno, purgatorio, paradiso

    terzine - each stanza has 3 lines

    rhyming scheme ABABCBCBCDCD, life is a complete circle
  18. il pecato
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