Professional Baking Chapter 6

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  1. Fermentation
    The process by which yeast changes carbohydrates into carbon dioxide gas and alcohol.
  2. Hearth Bread
    A bread that is baked directly on the bottom of the oven, not in a pan.
  3. Lean Dough
    A dough that is low in fat and sugar.
  4. Natural Starter
    A dough or batter that contains wild yeasts and bacteria, has a noticeable acidity as a result of fermentation by these organisms, and is used to leaven other doughs.
  5. No-Time Dough
    A bread dough made with a large quantity of yeast and given no fermentation time, except for a short rest after mixing.
  6. Old Dough
    A dough that is over-fermented.
  7. Oven Spring
    The rapid rise of yeast goods in the oven due to the production and expansion of trapped gases caused by the oven heat.
  8. Punching
    A method of expelling gases from fermented dough.
  9. Retarder-Proofer
    An automated, timer-controlled combination of retarder/freezer and proofer, used for holding and proofing yeast products.
  10. Retarding
    Refrigerating a yeast dough to slow its fermentation.
  11. Rich Dough
    A dough high in fat, sugar, and/or eggs.
  12. Rolled-in Dough
    Dough in which a fat has been incorporated in many layers by using a rolling and folding procedure.
  13. Rounding
    A method of molding a piece of dough into a round ball with a smooth surface or skin.
  14. Sponge Method
    A cake-mixing method based on whipped eggs and sugar.
  15. Straight Dough Method
    A mixing method for yeast goods in which all ingredients are mixed together at once.
  16. Wash
    (1) A liquid brushed onto the surface of a product, usually before baking. (2) To apply such a liquid.
  17. Yeast Starter
    A type of sourdough starter made with a cultivated yeast.
  18. Young Dough
    A dough that is underfermented

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Chapter 6 of Professional Baking vocabulary on working with yeast doughs
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