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  1. Properties of the Regular Sturm-Liouville Problem
    1) There exists an infinite number of eigenvalues that can be arranged in increasing order Image Upload 1 such that Image Upload 2 as Image Upload 3.

    2) For each eigenvalue there is only one eigenfunction (except for non-zero constant multiples)

    3) Eigenfunctions corresponding to different eigenvalues are linearly independent

    4) The set of eigenfunctions corresponding to the set of eigenvalues is orthongonal with respect to the weight function p(x) on the interval [a,b].
  2. Regular Sterm-Liouville Problem
    • Image Upload 4
    • where r, r', p, and q are continuous on the interval (a,b) and p(x)>0, r(x)>0 for all x in the interval (a,b)

    • Subject to: A1y(a) + B1y'(a) = 0, A2y(b) + B2y'(b) = 0
    • A12 + B12 > 0, A22 + B22 > 0
  3. Convergence of a Fourier Series
    Let f and f ' be piecewise continuous on some interval [-p,p]. That is, let f and f ' be continuous except at a finite number of points on the interval and have only finite discontinuities at these points. Then the Fourier series of f on the interval converges to f(x) at a point of continuity. At a point of discontinuity the Fourier series converges to the average Image Upload 5
  4. Fourier Series
    The Fourier series of a function f defined by the interval (-p,p) is given by:

    Image Upload 6

    • where:
    • Image Upload 7

    Image Upload 8

    Image Upload 9
  5. Orthogonal Functions Definition
    Two functions f(x) and g(x) are orthogonal on an interval [a,b] if Image Upload 10
  6. Existence of Power Series Solutions Theorem
    If x = x0 is an ordinary point of the differential equation Image Upload 11, we can always find two linearly independent solutions in the form of a power series, Image Upload 12 centered at x0. A series solution converges on some interval defined by |x-x0| < R, where R is the distance from x0 to the closest singular point.
  7. Frobenius' Theorem
    If x = x0 is a regular singular point of the differential equation, then there exists at least one solution of the form Image Upload 13 where the number r is constant to be determined. The series will converge on some interval 0 < x-x0 < R
  8. Definition of Gamma Function
    Image Upload 14, x > 0
  9. Bessel Equation
    Image Upload 15
  10. Bessel Functions of the First Kind
    • Image Upload 16
    • J-v = ...
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