Nursing Process

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  1. What is a process?
    a series of steps or components leading to achievement of a goal
  2. Characteristics of a process
    1. purpose

    2. organization

    3. creativity

    4. interaction

    5. scientific

    6. tool

    thus a process is a continuous progression from one point to another to achieve a specific goal
  3. systems theory
    A system is made of separate parts or elements. The parts rely on one another, are interrelated, have a common purpose and together form a whole
  4. A system has a specific .
    purpose (goal)
  5. A system uses a to achieve that goal.
  6. The is the product and information obtained from the system.
  7. Components of a System
    1. Input

    2. Output

    3. Feedback
  8. Types of Systems

  9. open system
    a. interacts with the environment

    b. exchange of information between the system and the environment
  10. closed system
    a. no informtion exchange

    b. does NOT interact with envirnoment
  11. Purpose of Nursing Process as a system
    to provide systematic, individualized and appropriate care to client
  12. How many components make up the nusing process?
    5 (Assessment, Nursing Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation)
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