Imperialism in SE Asia

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  1. 1602 (Dutch)
    Dutch East India Company Founded
  2. 1619 Dutch
    Jan Pieterzoon Coen founds Batavia (Jakarta)
  3. 1650s-1680s Dutch
    Development of indirect rule in Java: Regents (local princes) and Residents (Dutch advisors)
  4. 1700 Ducth
    First coffee transplanted from Mocha (Arabia) to Java
  5. 1800 Dutch
    VOC goes bankrupt.
  6. 1808 - 10 Dutch
    Hermann Willem Deaendels, Napoleonic governor, attempts to establish direct Dutch rule.
  7. 1811-16 Dutch
    Sir Stamford Raffles, British governor, also tries to establish direcct rule on British Indian pattern.
  8. 1825-30 Dutch
    Java War - leader: Prince Diponegoro
  9. 1830 - 70 Dutch
    • "Culture System" established by Johannes van den Bosch
    • Indirect rule by regents and residents again.
    • Delivery of coffee and other export crops on a commission basis.
  10. After 1870s Dutch
    Liberal reforms, free trade & investment
  11. 1873-1908 Dutch
    Sumatra War
  12. After 1901 Dutch
    "Ethical System"

    Administrative decentralization, local village councils.
  13. 1918 Dutch
    Volksraad, or National Council, established.
  14. Sit Thomas Stamfor Raffles
    • 1811-1816: British Governor in Java
    • 1819: Founds Singapore to circumvent Dutch trade monopoly.
  15. James Brooke (British)
    • 1839: Helps Sultan of Brunei crush local rebellion.
    • 1846: Becomes "white Raja" of Sarawak
  16. 1864 British
    Straits settlements (Penang, Malacca, Singapore) became a crown colony under direct British rule (formerly they were territories of the British East India Co., abolished in 1858)
  17. 1875 British
    Murder of the JWW Birch, 1st British Resident in Perak; Perak War, beginning of the Resident system in tha Malay states.
  18. 1895 British
    Federated Malay States (Perak, Penang, Selangor, and Negri Sembilan) come under formal British protectorate, although indirect rule had been developing since 1870s
  19. 1909 British
    "Unfederated States" (Kedah, Kelantan, Trengganu, and Perlis) detached from Sianm as a result of the Anglo-Siamese treaty and come under the protectorate.
  20. 1914 British
    Johore also comes under protectorate.
  21. 1881 Northern Borneo
    British North Borneo Trading Co. becomes virtual ruler of Sabah.
  22. 1888 Northern Borneo
    Sarawak & Brunei come under British protectorate.
  23. 1664 French
    French East India Co. founded
  24. 18th Century French
    • Catholic missionary activity in Siam (Thailand) and Conchin China (Mekong delta, S. Vietnam)
    • Tayson Rebellion based in central Vietneam - or Annam, against te Le/Trinsh dynasty, based in the Tongkin delta (North Vietnam)
    • Unification of Vietnam under the Nguyen Brothers
    • Late 18th century c.: Bishop Pigneau de Behaine befriends Nguyen Anh, Vietnamese prince (rival to the Taysons)
  25. 1787 French
    Pigneau goes to France to get military and financial aid for Nguyen Anh (bad timing)
  26. 1802-20 French
    Nguyen Anh reigns as emperor Gia Long (named for Gia Dinh province (Saigon) and Thang Long province (Hanoi)).
  27. 1815 French
    Restoration of the monarchy after the fall of Napoleon.
  28. 1830
    "July Revolution"
  29. 1848
    Revolution overthrows the monarchy again, but in 1852, Napoleon III establishes 2nd Empire.
  30. 1870 French
    Franco-Prussian war, fall of the 2nd empire, establishment of the 3rd Republic
  31. 1870s onward French
    French imperialism in Africa and Indochina expands, especially under Jules Ferry: Prime Minister, 1881, 1883-85, known as "Le Tonkinois"
  32. 1857 French
    French-Spanish force captures Danang to rescue Christian missionaries. Emperor Tu Duc had reputedly been persecuting Christians.
  33. 1859-61 French
    Saigon and 3 provinces in Mekong delta occupied, commercial relationss and plantation agriculture developed.
  34. 1863 French
    Prince Norodom of Cambodia asks for French aid against Siam, French protectorate over Cambodia established
  35. 1866 French
    Direct French coonial rule over most of Cochin China.
  36. 1872 French
    Jean Dupuis, Frenh adventurer in Tonkin, trading with S. China (Yunnan) via Red River, blocked by Vietnamese authorities in Hanoi when tries to take over the salt trade, appeals for Frech help.
  37. 1873 French
    Francois Garnier, leading a French rescue mission from the South, is killed in Tonkin.
  38. 1874 French
    Treaty between France and emperor Tu Duc: French agree to withdras from Tongkin in return for commercial concessions, a Resident at the court of Hue, and recognition of their role in Cochinchina.
  39. 1882-83 French
    Renewed conflict in Tonkin: French commander killed leading expedition agains Black Flag (Chinese) pirates; outrage in Paris led by Jules Ferry.
  40. 1885 French
    Franco-Chinese Treaty of Tientsin recognizing French protectorate over Annam and Tonkin. Indirect rule: Nguyen court preserved, but with French administration.
  41. 1880s
    French protectorate over Laos.
  42. 1521 Spain
    Magellan circumnavigates the globe, killed in an encounter with islanders in what later became the Philippines.
  43. 1565 Spain
    Miguel Lopes de Legaspi, in a voyage from Acapulco, establishes a Spanish settlement in the Philippines, named for Philip II of Spain.
  44. 17-18th century of Spain
    Annual Manila galleon (form Acapulco) becomes a source of Latin American silver in Asia and of Chinese goods for New Spain and Europe.
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