Government civil liberties and public opinions

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  1. New York v. Quarles
    • exception to Miranda
    • -public safety
  2. Texas v. Johnson
    burning the american flag

    -protected symbolic speech
  3. UC Regonts V. Bakke
    • Rejection UC Davis student
    • -Reverse discrimination
  4. City of Boema v. Flores
    peyode helucination

    • -drug over turned religious freedom
    • -restoration act
  5. Roe v. Wade
    the right to abortion and privacy
  6. Griswold v. Conneticut
    conspirception for married ppl

    -marriage natural right
  7. New York Times V. Sullivan
    actual malice

    -public persons
  8. Brown II
    deliberate speed
  9. Brown V. Board Of Education
    seperate but not equal
  10. Plessy V. Ferguson
    seperate but equal
  11. Chicago Burlington RR v. Chicago
    reconcidered baron
  12. Barron V. Baltimore
    NO admement didnt apply
  13. People from Puerto Rico are American Citizens?
    yes TRUE
  14. The American public has a high degree of intrest knowledge of politics?
  15. If like is like a marathon, the government have to give some peaople a head start, reflects the idea of ?
    equality of condition

    ::start>>equality oppurtunity<<<:::
  16. Equal pay Act 1963 requires?
    equal pay for equal work
  17. Agents of political sociolization include?
    peer groups, mass media, schools
  18. 14 Amendment

    "no state shall...."
  19. 15 Amendment
    Voting rights for males
  20. 13 Amendment
    Abolished slavery
  21. 9 Amendment
    right outside of constituition
  22. 6 Amendment
    Right to counsel
  23. 4 Amendment
    Unreasonable search and seizure
  24. 8 Amendment
    no cruel and unusal punishment

    - excessive bail
  25. 1 Amendment
    speech, press, assembly

    • -religion free excersice
    • - free est.
  26. 3,5,7 Amendment
    DO NOT apply to states
  27. 13,14,15 Amendment
    DO APPLY to states
  28. Civil disobidiants
    outside of law

    ex: sit-ins(trespassers)
  29. exclusionary rule
    protect citizens for being unlawful
  30. Immigration Reform & Control Act (IRCA)
    against discrimination in employment
  31. Mexican-American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF)
    hispanics are not discriminated if illigal immigrants
  32. PROP 187
    health benifits on california
  33. Voting Right Act
    grandfather clauses
  34. Latinos
    spanish laguage various countries

    el salvador,cuba, mexico, dominion republic,nicaragua, puerto rico
  35. Affirmative action:
    • make change
    • - A good faith attempt to make up for the past discrimination of under- represented groups in a flexible manner
  36. Boycott
    • lawful protesting
    • (bussiness else where)
    • -inside of law
    • -political participation
  37. Picketting
    • signs pickets
    • -don't go there
    • -common :voting
    • -politcal participation
  38. actual malice
    near times and solament
  39. Liberal
    • -big gove-
    • -pro welfare
    • -gun control
    • -public education
    • -natural resources
    • -progressive
    • -pro choice
  40. conservetives
    • *small gov*
    • -less welfare
    • -private education
    • -health care
    • -natural resources
    • -capital punishment
    • -traditional
  41. centrist
    in the middle between liberal and conservetives
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