latin roman house, city, gov

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  1. taberna
  2. vestibulum
    narrow coridor from door to atrium
  3. vomitorium
    room to vomit food to make room for more
  4. domus
  5. triclinium
    dining room with 3 couches, 3 people on each couch
  6. tablinum
    office/library for man of house
  7. peristylium
    open air garden with no ceiling
  8. atrium
    reception hall, place to greet guests
  9. cubiculum
    bedroom with lectus (bed)
  10. culina
  11. impluvium
    pool in atrium to catch water
  12. compluvium
    hole in ceiling for rain to collect into pool
  13. exedra
    room at back of house decorated for formal ocasions
  14. forum
    room for important state meetings
  15. 7 hills
    capitoline, Palatine
  16. circus
    place to race chariots
  17. circus maximus
    most famous roman circus
  18. colosseum
    • (amphitheatrum flavium)
    • 70AD theatre for plays
  19. amphitheatrum
    theatre on both sides
  20. metae
    kept track of number of laps
  21. thermae
    • baths
    • different temperature pools/rooms
  22. tiber river
    river which rome was located on
  23. campus martius
    field of mars, area
  24. aquaeductus
    used to carry water into the city
  25. bridges
    architectural structure
  26. Via Appia, Via Sacra
    • roads
    • (1st)rome--> Brudisium
    • (2nd)sacred way for sacred processions
  27. basilica
    originally used for law courts
  28. curia
    rome senate house
  29. insulae
    • apartments for lower class
    • made of wood
  30. palaestra
    gym to work out and play sports
  31. pantheon
    • circular temple in honor of 12 main gods
    • oculus in center for sunlight
  32. templa
    rectangular temple
  33. ludi
    games and entertainment
  34. 7 kings
    • 1st king- Romulus
    • last king- Tarquinius superbus
  35. senate
    • chief governing body of rome
    • founded by romulus
    • originally 100 men
    • had to be born into nobe family
  36. assembly
    • all roman men citizens 18/21 yrs old
    • elected public officials
    • decided to reject/accept laws
  37. consuls
    • 2 at a time so they could veto each other
    • administer affairs of Rome daily
    • lead armies to war
  38. magistrate
    public officals that handle different areas of sociey (ex. trans, environment, ect)
  39. emperor
    • one man ruler of empire
    • 1st- Octavimus Augustus
  40. 753BC
    year Rome was founded in
  41. monarchy, republic, empire
    3 periods of gov in order
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