Myth Heroes

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  1. Opposed by Hera through life, in his crib he strangled two serpents she sent after him
    • Completed Twelve Labors as penance for murdering Megara, his first wife, and their children
    -For murdering Iphitus, he served under Queen Omphale, during which he dressed as a woman
    • Before ascending to Olympus to fight in the Gigantomachy, he gave Philoctetes his bow and arrows
  2. Landed the initial would in the Calydonian Boar hunt, thus Meleager gave her the pelt
    • During the Hunt, killed Hylaeus and Rhaecus for attempting to rape her
    • Melanion used the Golden Apples to beat her in a footrace, thus winning her hand in marriage
    • After having sex in a Temple of Zeus, she and Melanion were turned into lions
  3. His father’s third wife, Kaikeyi, utilized a boon to force his exile from Ayodhya
    • Through the use of a golden deer, his wife Sita was kidnapped by Ravana and taken to Lanka
    • Bowing to the wishes of his people, he chose to exile Sita, despite her faithfulness
    • He fought his two sons, Kusa and Lava, until Hanuman in the form of a horse revealed the truth
  4. Sent after the Golden Fleece due to an Oracle warning Pelias to beware a man wearing one sandal
    • While traveling on the Argo, he and his crew saved Phineas from the Harpies
    • After betraying Medea, she murdered his new fiancée Glauce (sometimes called Creusa), and her father
    -Killed by a fallen timber from the Argo, which struck him on the head
  5. His father Aegeus set a pair of sandals and a sword under a rock, to be claimed by his son via Aethra
    • On his journey to Athens, he turned the tables on six adversaries: Periphetes, Sinis, the Cromyonnian Sow, Sciron, Cercyon, and Procrustes
    • After sending him after the Marathonian Bull, Medea, the husband of Aegeus, tried to poison him
    • On a journey to Hades to capture Persephone, he and his friend Pirithous are trapped on a magic bench
  6. Would be fully immortal, save for his mother Thetis holding his heel as she bathed him in the Styx
    • Refused to fight after Agamemnon took Briseis, but changed his mind after Hector killed Patroclus
    • After dragging Hector’s body around the walls of Troy, he allowed Priam to claim the body
    • Paris fired the lucky shot that hit him in his heel, Odysseus was given Achilles’ divine armor afterwards
  7. At birth, was swapped with a daughter of Nanda and Yasoda in order to escape Kamsa
    • As a child, he killed/freed several demons: Putana (killer of infants), Bakasura (crane), Kaliya (serpent,)
    • Established his superiority over the rain deity Indra by lifting the Govardhana hill to protect the herders
    • Appears in the Mahabharata as Arjuna’s charioteer, and in the Bhagavad Gita offers advice concerning fighting his own kin
  8. The only man allowed to sit in the Siege Perilous, as he captured the Holy Grail
    Through his father Lancelot, a descendant of Joseph of Arimathea. Conceived when Elaine appeared to Lancelot as Guinevere
    • Proven to be the destined Grail-capturer by pulling Balin’s sword from a block of marble
    • After obtaining the grail, healed Pellam, whom Balin wounded with the Lance of Longinus
    Sir Galahad
  9. Upon sounding his horn Olifant at Roncesvalles, his head exploded
    • His sword, Durendal, has in its hilt a thread from the Virgin Mary’s cloak, a tooth of St. Peter, a hair of St. Denys, and a drop of blood from St. Basil
    • Attempting to break Durendal at Roncesvalles caused the creation of a deep cleft in the Pyrenees now called the Breche de Roland
    • He was betrayed by his stepfather Ganelon, who was executed for treason by being pulled apart by his limbs
  10. Following Zeus’ kidnapping of their sister Europa, he and his brothers Phoenix and Cilix were ordered by Agenor to not return to Tyros without her.
    • After consulting the Oracle, he was told to follow a cow, and found a city (eventually Thebes) where it sat down.
    • He killed the serpent that killed his men, and buried the teeth. Up sprang soldiers, who attacked each other until five stood.
    • After he and his wife Harmonia traveled to Illyria, they were transformed into serpents
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