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  1. throughout the 18th and 19th centruy the USA had an ..... .... ... towards immigration . this meant that :
    • open door policy
    • that anybody who was willing to work hard was welcome to settle in America
  2. throughout the 18th and 19th century the USA had an open door policy towards immigration , but why ?
    because the USA was a huge but underpopulated country , so it needed as many workers as it could get .
  3. when did attitudes towards immigration start to change :
    early 20th century
  4. in 1907 the USA recieved a staggering total of ...... imigrants . complaints began to be heard about the impacts of immigration on the USA . In the same year an immigration act was passed meant that : (sentence) all immigraants had to taked a ..... .... and those who .... were .... ... . the 1920's saw more acts to restrict immigrants
    • 1,285,349
    • immigrants who were illiterate were no longer allowed to enter the country
    • literacy test
    • failed
    • turned away
  5. what were the main reasons for wanting to restrict immigration in the 1920's
    • Many WASP's in the USA believed that they were superior to other races . They did not want thier values and thier way of life to be threatened by the arrival if immigrants
    • Fear of the spread of communism
    • Americans were concerned that immigrants were affecting thier prosperity
  6. Many WASPS in the USA believed that they were superiro to other races , they did not want thier values and way of life to be threatened by the arrival of immigrants - Many WASPS feared that they would be swamped by ...... .... (mainly ..... and ......) who had been ariving in .... numbers from ..... ..... .... . A group was set up called the ..... .... ... . They aimed to ........ the ..... to ...... .... to ..... ....
    • non-protestants
    • jews
    • catholics
    • large
    • South East Europe
    • Immigration Restriction League
    • persuade
    • government
    • pass laws
    • restrict immigration
  7. what did the Imigration Restriction League claim
    they caliamed to have scientific evidence that the new immigrants from South-East Europe were racially inferior and therfore posed a threat posed a threat to the supremacy of the USA .
  8. Who supported the Immigration Restriction League ? and what did they critisize and what does this show ?
    Even quite respected people , such as the principals of universities like Havard , were supporters of this league . The league criticised the "criminal riffraff of Europe" that arrived on American shores . The fact that these ideas were discussed and spread show that the USA was an openly racist society in the 1920's
  9. ..... ...wrote a book called .... ..... ... .. ..... ... , which became the best seller it called for racial segregation and immigration restrictions .
    • Madison Grant
    • the passing of a great race

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