N. Europe 16th Century

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    • Hieronymous Bosch
    • Garden of Earthly Delights
    • 1505-1515
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    • Matthias Grunewald
    • Isenheim Altarpiece
    • 1510-1515
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    • Albrecht Durer
    • Four Apostles
    • 1526
    • Oil on panel
  4. Protestant Reformation
    The Protestant Reformation was a movement which began in the 16th century as a series of attempts to reform the Roman Catholic Church, but ended in division and the establishment of new institutions, most importantly Lutheranism, Reformed churches, and Anabaptists.
  5. Engraving
    A print of an image that was mde using an engraved plate of block
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    • Albrecht Durer
    • Knight, Death and the Devil
    • 1513
    • Engraving
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    • Hans Holbein
    • The French Ambassadors
    • 1533
  8. Anamorphic Image
    A distorted image that must be viewed by some special means (Mirror, tilting of the head, from an angle, etc.)
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N. Europe 16th Century
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