Expressions with avoir

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  1. Elle a chaud
    She is cold
  2. Il a froid
    He is cold
  3. Elles ont faim.
    They (f) are hungry.
  4. Loïc, tu as tort.
    Loic, you are wrong.
  5. Magalie, tu as raison.
    Magalie, you are right (correct).
  6. Fréderic a l'air content.
    Frederic (seems like, looks) satisfied
  7. Il a de la chance.
    He is lucky.
  8. L'immeuble a l'air moderne.
    the building seems/looks modern
  9. Jean a sommeil
    Jean is sleepy.
  10. Ingrid a besoin d'une lampe
    Ingrid (needs) a lamp
  11. Avez-vous envie de danser?
    Do you feel like dancing?
  12. Il a rendez-vous avec le professeur
    He has an (appointment) with the professor
  13. Il a peur du chien
    He is afraid of dogs
  14. La petite fille a honte
    The little girl is ashamed.
  15. Isabelle a quatre ans.
    Isabelle is 4 years old
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