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  1. MM; He aint gonna do nothing about it babe, without his gang he’s like a snail without a shell..soon he’ll throw in the towel!Both leave the laughing whispering sexy things SL Lights up on Fat SAM’S OFFICE as sound of telephone ringingand FS
    • What!...I don’t believe it!
    • The whole gang?
    • The lotto them?
    • Everybody?
    • Luigi ! Snake Eyes ! Ritzy!
    • I can’t believe ..
    • I just can’t believe it
    • (a he puts the phone down)
    • The whole gang’s gone Knuckles,
    • wiped out…
    • that leaves just you an me..Knuckles..
    • we’re on our own!
  2. Knuckles: what we gonna do boss?
    (And cracks his knuckles nervously)
    • Cut that out Knuckles
    • How many more times must I tell yah
    • …We …do nothing
    • We act like nothing’s happened..
    • we carry on as normal…..
    • Tutto Casa Sono Buono
  3. What does that mean boss?
    • What do ya mean what does it mean? ..
    • Don’t you speak Italian?
  4. KNUCKLES No boss
    • You call yourself a hoodlum
    • and you don’t even speak italian?
  5. Knuckles; No way boss… I’m Jewish
    • (Looks at Knuckes accue)
    • OK Knuckles
    • we play it cool we relax…
    • like everything is normal
    • (There is a sudden rapping on the door and FAT Sam andKnuckles are terrified, seeking cover.)
    • Go see who it is Knuckles…
    • go on…open it
  6. Blousey appears in the doorway
    Knuckles; Its the broad about the audition..he is busy lady come back tomorrow Fat Sam leaps up goes call Blousey back
    • No honey, wait!
    • (turning to Knuckles)
    • We act normal right?
    • So acting normal means acting normal…
    • We’ll be right out honey
    • make yourself comfortable …
    • go powder your nose or somthin
    • (to Knuckles) See normal, that way no one will guess we’re scared shitll…..I mean scared to death,
    • No no I mean concerned ,
    • yes that’s it ..concerned ..
    • no one will
    • guess we’re kinda concerned…
    • We buy ourselves time,
    • thinking time right…
    • Knuckles over here, come,
    • I’ve made up my mind..
    • I’m gonna send for someone who could help us outta this little..predictation…
    • No 10% dummy here…a specialist
  7. He takes a photo out of his pocket

    Knuckles; What kinda doctor boss?
    • Not a doctor you bilberry ,
    • a hoodlum specialist
  8. Knuckles; I thought we was hoodlums Boss
    • This is no dumb bum Knuckles this is the real McCCoy
    • (and holds out the photo)
    • Look!
  9. Knuckles; aghast Looney Bergonzi!!
    • The very same …
    • off his trolley he may be…
    • mad as a hatter, certainly ….
    • but Bergonzi is the top man in Chicago…
    • here’s what we do ( snatches back the photo)
    • We arrange a meetin with Mad May
    • (as he speaks he dials MM’s number)
    • Bergonzi will be in the back of the car….
    • next to me…
    • Knuckles you’ll be drivin
  10. Knuckles; right boss…..but just a minute boss I don’t drive.(meanwhile the phone SL is ringing)
    • You what ..you don’t drive?
    • You no-good bum ..you motzah head!
    • (into the telephone)
    • Is that the Madison May residence?
    • May I speak to the madam please…
    • Tell her Mr Samuel Stachetto ….
    • don’t worry what it’s about fellah…
    • she’ll take my call ( to knuckles )
    • You don;t speeak Italian
    • You're Jewish,
    • And now, you don’t drive???
    • (Shacks his head in dispair)
    • Then we got get ourselves a driver!!
    • And pronto!
    • Light up on Me’s OFFICE
  11. MM: Hello..
    Hi Sam
    What can I do you for?
    • I want to meet up Mad …
    • do a little
    • ..talking
  12. MM; Where?
    • Entrance to Central Park
    • At 42nd Street.
    • You hearing me?
  13. MM; Yeah I’m hearing you Sam,
    But you come alone mind ..
    no hoodlums .. you hear me?
    • No hoodlums May…
    • You have my word…
    • (he covers the phone with his hand)
    • What’s she talking about no hoodlums
    • she’s wiped out all my hoodlums
    • (and back to the phone)
    • Just you and me Madison
    • and our drivers
  14. MM; Agreed!
    (Both put phones own together)

    Got him the… asshole
    • Got yah,
    • Yaah dum bitch.

    Lights out and up on Speak Easy with Fizzy
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