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  1. Who controlled the oceans
  2. Who faced and immobilized each other on he North Sea
    Britsh and Germans
  3. Who brought poison Gas
  4. What proved to be barbarous and ineffective
    Poison Gas
  5. The worlds pledge not to use chemical warfare
    Geneve Convention
  6. Who pioneered the caterpillared armoured vehicle (Tank)
  7. What and who used curious cigarshaped hydrogen-filled airships
    Both sides and Airplans
  8. Only technological weapon that had a major effect
    Submarine becuase it resored to starving the other's civians
  9. No old goverment was left standing between which borders
    France and the Sea of Japan
  10. In the Age of Empire what fused
    Politics and Economics
  11. What document gave peace
    League of Nation
  12. What two things did Germany want
    Global political and maritime postion
  13. Who did the Treaty of Versailles make peace with
  14. Who where the victory countries
    Britain, France, U.A, Italy, Japan
  15. Who came unto terms with non-communist but revolutionary Turkey
  16. was set up as part of the peace settlement and proves to be a total failure
  17. Two major Eurpoean powers that where eliminated
    Germany and Soviet Russia
  18. The results of the war
    the victors were forced into bankruptcy and the losers into revolution!
  19. Japanese where no longer called ____ but _____
    Colonies but mandates
  20. 5 things the treaty of versailles was broken down to
    • 1.) Break down of many regimes in Europe
    • 2.)No Need to control Germany
    • 3.)Map of Europe had to be redrawn
    • 4.)Domestic politics withing the victor countries
    • 5.)Peace settlement so it wouldn't happen again
  21. What did the Penal peace
    The loser was responsible for the war
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