Vocab 3 1

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  1. voluble (adj)
  2. euphony (noun)
    Pleasing to the ear, especially a pleasant sounding combination of words
  3. jocular (adj)
    characterized by joking; facetious
  4. quiescent (adj)
    being at rest; inactive;
  5. laud (verb)
    to praise; Noun is a song of praise
  6. idiosyncratic (adj)
    something pecuilar to an individual
  7. colloquial (adj)
    ordinary; informal
  8. antiquated (adj)
    talking about the past; old-fashioned
  9. alimentary (adj)
    concerned with food and nutrition
  10. munificent (adj)
    very generous
  11. vapid (adj)
    lacking excitement or challenge; flat
  12. copious (adj)
    abundant amount
  13. raucous (adj)
    wild; harsh
  14. hedonist (noun)
    a person who is devoted to self pleasure
  15. catharsis (noun)
    the release of emotions through art or music
  16. precarious (adj)
    uncertain; unable to be controlled
  17. opportunist (noun)
    a person who acts to exploit circumstances with the absence of morals
  18. sedentary (adj)
    characterized by sitting
  19. pugnacious (adj)
    inclined to fight
  20. sycophant (noun)
    lackey; yes man
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