Chapter 5 Study Guide

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  1. census
    - an official count of population
  2. reservation
    - land set aside by the national government for use by Native Americans
  3. self-sufficient
    - able to survive with little or no help from others
  4. constitution
    - a written plan of governement
  5. legislature
    -a group that makes laws for a state
  6. headquarters
    - a command center
  7. Who was serving as governor when Florida became a United States territory?
    William Pope DuVal
  8. Who made up the government of the Florida Territory?
    It was made up of a governor, a group of judges, and a council.
  9. What was the Treaty of Moultrie Creek?
    The treaty required the Seminoles to give up 24 acres of land.
  10. What contributed to the start of the Second Seminole War?
    The Indian Removal Act, the meeting at Payne's Landing and The Dade Massacre.
  11. What was the main result of the Second Seminole War?
    It was that most Florida Seminoles moved to the Indian Territory.
  12. What caused Florida's population to grow rapidly during the 1830's and 1840's.
    Many acres of land were opened for settlement.
  13. What were steamboats used for?
    Steamboats carried passengers and crops to port, provided a faster form of transporation at the time, and they could travel upstream.
  14. What did the Florida state leaders need to do before Florida could become a state?
    Its leaders had to write a constitution.
  15. Why, before 1845, did many Northerners not want Florida to become a state?
    Many Northerners did not want more slave states than free states in the country.
  16. What occurred that allowed Florida to become a state?
    Florida finally became a state when Iowa asked to join the Union as a free state.
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