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  1. Jun�pero Serra
    • Franciscan missionary to New Spain
    • * Career shaped by Bourbon Reforms of the Church
    • * Father and President of Missions to Alta California (1768-84)
    • * Legacy as the �father� of California settlement
    • * Mission San Juan Capistrano --> �Father Serra�s Church�
  2. Rancheros
    • result of the secularization of missions (Mexican Independence)
    • * Lifestyle � cowboys, cattle ranching, family society
    • * Ranch becomes the new center of Californian life
    • o Old west Mexican style
    • * Owned land (patronage) = power
    • o Spanish families controlling rural labor
  3. Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo
    • peace treaty between the US and Mexico which ended the Mexican American war in 1848
    • * Oldest treaty still in force between the United States and Mexico
    • * As a result of the treaty, the United States acquired more than 500,000 square miles of valuable territory and emerged as a world power in the late nineteenth century.
    • * Protected Mexican Californians
    • * Promised civil and property rights
    • * Promised U.S. citizenship to former Mexican citizens
  4. Leland Stanford
    • an American tycoon, industrialist, robber baron, politician and founder of Stanford University
    • * one of the four major Sacramento, California businessmen known popularly as "The Big Four" that were the key investors in the Central Pacific Railroad
    • * Stanford was elected president.
    • * Ellen M. Colton vs Leland Stanford (1883)
    • o Lawsuit by Ellen Colton after the death of Mark Hopkins
    • o Hopkins shares valued at far more than Mrs. Colton had received
    • o Trial ends in favor of the �Four Associates�
    • * Feud between Stanford and Huntington
    • o jealous of Stanford�s increasing political authority
    • o Stanford then elected to Senate (1884)
    • o Huntington coerces Stanford to give up presidency of Central Pacific
    • * Huntington appointed president in return for endorsing Stanford
    • o Public accusations against Stanford 1891-1893
    • * Stanford�s health suffers
    • o Conflict over railroad and harbors
    • * Stanford --> LA harbor
    • * Huntington --> Santa Monica harbor
  5. Denis Kearney
    • California labor leader of the late 19th century, known for his nativist and racist views about Chinese immigrants
    • * Kearney joined Public Safety
    • * Kearney had been elected Secretary of the newly formed Workingmen's Party of California, and directed often violent attacks on Chinese
    • * Accusations of the powerful Central Pacific Railroad which had employed them in large numbers
    • o anti-Chinese laws that the Workingmen's Party had passed at the 1879 California Constitutional Convention.
    • o Many of these laws, which included a ban on the employment of Chinese laborers, were ruled unconstitutional
    • * Kearney traveled east to popularize his opinions and campaigned with the Massachusetts politician Benjamin Butler, the Greenback Party's candidate for President
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