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  1. The art of dressing and arranging hair to create temporary changes in the form and texture of the finished hairstyle is what?
  2. Why is hairstyling considered a temporary service?
    • it only effects the hydrogen bonds in the hair.
    • lasts only shampoo to shampoo.
  3. What shapes form is equal in length and width in the overall style; has equal volume throughout the design?
  4. What shapes form has more width than length and the style has more volume at the sides?
  5. What shapes form has more length than width and can have more volume at the top than in other parts of the style?
  6. What determines the "speed" of texture?
    the diameter of the tool used.
  7. Lines that extend from multiple points and travel and equal distance from each other and they never cross are what kind of lines?
    Parallel Lines
  8. Lines that radiate outward from a single point are what kind of lines?
    Radial Lines
  9. The process of combing wet hair into desired positions also known as shaping is called?
  10. When sectioning hair for styling, what are the most common straight shapes used?
    • Square
    • Rectangle
    • Triangle
    • Trapezoid
  11. When sectioning hair for styling, what are the most common curved shapes used?
    • Circles
    • Ovals
    • Oblongs
  12. Lines that subdivide shapes or sections to distribute and control hair are?
  13. What is the area between two partings within a shape?
  14. What is the hair between the scalp and the first turn of hair?
  15. What is the part of the hair that determines curl size and is positioned around the tool?
  16. How is the amount of volume or closeness achieved?
    Base Control
  17. How is the base size determined?
    diameter of the tool used
  18. How is the base length determined?
    the length of the tool used
  19. What are the three most common base sizes and how does each base size relate to the tool used?
    • 1'' diameter- 1x width of tool.
    • 1.5'' diameter- 1.5x width of tool.
    • 2'' diameter- 2x width of tool.
  20. How is a set relaxed?
    by being brushed from scalp to ends.
  21. What is the techinque used to add volume to a hairstyle and connect the shapes within the set?
  22. What is the additional touches added to a hairstyle to make the hair piece-y and personalizes the style to fit your client?

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